Welcome on board!


On deck

On the upper deck you’ll feel like you’ve boarded an actual nineteenth-century clipper ship. The beautiful chart house, original rigging, excellently maintained teak woodwork and the hoisting and setting of the sails are all exactly as they would have been in days gone by.

At the same time the Clipper Stad Amsterdam offers passengers every kind of 21st-century comfort.


The Longroom

A stylish mahogany staircase leads you from the deck to the long room, the heart of the ship. The wonderful woodwork and copper finishings will transport you back to another era. This is where our guests get together to have a chat, meet the crew, play a game, enjoy a drink or take a meal.

Like to sit back quietly, send an e-mail or read a book? You can do so undisturbed in the long room! This room is also the location for business meetings. Anything is possible with the latest technology and audio-visual equipment at your disposal. The long room is also equipped with a luxury bar and a small library. It can seat up to 55 guests for lunch or dinner.


The cabins

The cabins have the atmosphere of a traditional sailing ship and at the same time the luxuries of a modern hotel room.

Your cabin is equipped with its own ensuite bathroom, including sink, toilet and shower. There’s a satellite phone connection and, of course, an air-conditioning unit you can control to make sure you stay cool in the Caribbean!

The Clipper Stad Amsterdam has 14 passenger cabins. These are to accommodate two guests but can be adjusted to sleep three or four. During longer journeys, a ship’s doctor is present and both the captain and first mate have medical training.




Day trip in EU 115 guests
Day trip outside EU 65 guests
Cruise 28 guests
Sail training 56 guests
Seated dinner 60 guests
Buffet dinner 150 guests
Reception 200 guests
Business meeting 60 guests
Presentation 75 guests