Sustainability and efficiency have and always had a high priority at Clipper Stad Amsterdam. We love to tell you more about our sustainability activities.

Sustainability is in our DNA

Sustainability is part of the Clipper's DNA as well as that of the shipping company. Life at sea means being very close to nature and of course, there is a lot of respect for the environment and its preservation on board. As sailing enthusiasts, we take advantage of the wind and always try to sail as many miles as possible.

The large-scale refit in 2019/2020 resulted in a major step being taken regarding the sustainable course of the Clipper Stad Amsterdam. The ship now has much cleaner and more efficient engines for both propulsion and power supply.

An exhaust gas treatment installation has been installed and the ship has been fitted with a new wastewater treatment installation to fulfil future requirements of the International Maritime Organization (IMO). In order, not to have to switch on the generator in the port and therefore not have to burn diesel, an improved shore power connection has been realized.

In his blog Going green takes more than just a refit Evert van Dishoeck Director Clipper Stad Amsterdam) tells us all about the many activities that made the Clipper more sustainable.

Sustainable merchandize

A new collection of merchandise is on sale since 2019. The clothing that we sell in our shop onboard as well as in our online webshop are made from sustainable materials and produced in a responsible, ecological way. Besides the fact that the materials are more beautiful, it also feels good to sell products that have been carefully considered.

Find these items online in our webshop

A drinking bottle for everyone

All our guests receive their own reusable water bottle at arrival on board. This bottle can be refilled en route when disembarking for an excursion for example. We can limit the plastic waste this way both onboard and at the places we visit. We saved about 3000 plastic bottles per year since we introduced the refillable bottles to our crew and our guests in 2018.

We have been serving Caffè Cento Superiore on board since May 2020. An organic coffee from sustainable coffee supplier "KoffiePartners" with Fairtrade, UTZ and Rainforest Alliance certification.

ADA Cosmetics is the supplier of the bath & shower products used on board. In 2012, ADA Cosmetics International was the first German manufacturer using fair trade raw materials in hotel cosmetics.