Romance & Luxury

Can you imagine a better way to spend your holiday than discovering idyllic Caribbean islands on a romantic vessel like the Clipper Stad Amsterdam with its excellent on board facilities?
Who doesn't love a sailing cruise in the tropics?
Sun, crystal-clear water, white sandy beaches, delicious food, and fantastic sailing: all the ingredients are in place for an unforgettable holiday.

The warm and constant Caribbean wind is the perfect condition for the Stad Amsterdam to glide through the clear blue seas. All you need to do is to enjoy delicious food and drinks in the tropical sun and maybe film the dolphins playing in the waves for example.

If you would like to help our crew when we're underway you’re more than welcome. Every crew member on board will be pleased to explain anything you might like to know about sailing on board the Clipper Stad Amsterdam.
But remember you are on a luxury sailing cruise and it's up to you what you’d like to do; whether it's reading a book, sipping cocktails at the ship's bar, or learning how to sail our beautiful ship.

Check our website for the itinerary and booking options. Interested in an exclusive private sailing cruise? Contact us for more information.

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