Adventurous sailing

The endless ocean, the rhythm of red, white, and blue watch duty, the dolphins swimming along the side, sometimes even whales to see ... it will make you forget everyday life. Even when you have very little sailing experience, a voyage on the Clipper is a perfect opportunity to learn about life at sea and sailing on board a tall ship.

Sailing on the Clipper will make your heart beat faster. It is an experience without comparison. The Stad Amsterdam will make your most adventurous dreams come true. Our crew is happy to instruct you in the basics of sailing and familiarise you with the maneuvers that a three-mast square-rigger makes.

In April and December, we sail the Atlantic, from Europe to the Caribbean, the USA, and back to Europe. During the summer we embark from our port of registry, Amsterdam, to the Mediterranean and back through the Gulf of Biscay and the North Sea.

You may want to join a watch on your trip under the supervision of an officer and together with a quartermaster, and a party of two or more sailors. There’s a red watch (midday to four PM and from midnight to four AM), a white watch (four to eight PM and AM), and a blue watch (from eight PM to midnight and from eight AM to midday) to participate in. 

There are no obligations though. If you rather feel like reading on the quarter deck or hanging out in the long room then that is perfectly alright as well. Our hospitality team will look after you, at any time, making certain that you will leave the ship fully relaxed. 
Meals are enjoyed together with the crew in the clipper’s long room. During mealtimes, the captain of Stad Amsterdam will offer frequent updates on the voyage and the program for the coming days. There are 14 cabins available.

Check our website for the itinerary and booking options.

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