Atlantic Ocean crossing

Stad Amsterdam regularly sails the world’s seas on her way to new adventures and events. You can book a cabin on these port-to-port voyages, which range from short trips between cities to transatlantic voyages. It’s a relaxing way to see the world pass by. 

Are you a true sailing fan who would relish having an active role with the crew during a trip with the Stad Amsterdam? The transAtlantic voyages are the most adventurous of all the sailing cruises we offer. But also when you have little maritime know-how and would like to pitch in, experience life at sea, and learn how to sail the clipper you are more than welcome to come to join us for a true bluewater adventure.

On all of the adventurous sailing trips guests and crew mix and work together and share meals in the ship’s longroom. 

Just scroll through the video below if you prefer a short impression.

Our most common sailing schedule assumes two trans-Atlantic voyages per year. In the spring these trips require a commitment of two weeks to the Azores and, if booked, an additional week or more depending on the ultimate destination in Europe. In the late fall, the ship turns west and leaves from the Canary Islands for a return to the Caribbean for a high season of luxury trips of shorter duration.

In recent years on the Atlantic Ocean crossing to the Azores, the Clipper Stad Amsterdam provided a 14-day sail training course in close cooperation with Enkhuizen Nautical College. Based upon the broad experience of both the college and the Clipper crew, the Practical Square Rig Seamanship Sail Training Course is ideal for tall ship sailors and yachtsmen as well as a wide group of sailors and classic ship lovers who like to gain experience and know-how.

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