The Longroom

As you descend the stylish mahogany staircase from the deck, you will enter the famous Long Room. Endowed
with wonderful woodwork and fine copper details, this social hub of the vessel transports you back to an iconic
era. The Longroom is the designated spot for our guests to come together and chat, meet the crew, play a
game, enjoy a drink or relax over a delicious meal. The spacious dining area is also ideal for presentations and business gatherings. 

During our adventurous sailing trips, the meals are enjoyed along with the crew in the long room at times adjusted to the watches. Every night after dinner the captain will give a short briefing of the mileage made on the past day, the mileage to go, and any other points of interest.

Depending on the program and the weather conditions, lunch and dinner (consisting of several courses each) will be served on the deck or in the longroom either at the table or in buffet style during our luxury cruises. 

Our hospitality team loves serving you in our very special longroom.
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