The bridge

The bridge is our overall control and navigation center. From here we have the ability to control all systems onboard. Besides all the modern navigational equipment you can activate safety equipment such as fire pumps, watertight doors, communication gear but also pyrotechnics such as flares and rockets. Almost all systems are designated to either navigation or the safety of the vessel, crew, and passengers.
At night red lighting is used on the bridge to prevent night blindness. In the case of electronic failure, there are hard copies of sea charts, compasses, sextants, and other classic equipment available. All nautical officers are trained in using ‘old school’ instruments to navigate the ship accordingly.

Unlike other vessels, our bridge is openly accessible to all crewmembers, and during adventurous sailing trips, our guests are welcomed to the bridge to learn about the aspects of navigation. When considered competent, we let our passengers take the wheel and steer the Stad Amsterdam towards her destination.

Would you like to take the wheel and steer the ship?
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