The Engine Room

Even though the Clipper Stad Amsterdam is a sailing vessel and has a traditional look, it is packed with technique. Onboard we basically have the same commodities that you might expect to find on a cruise vessel. Besides the main engine and three auxiliary engines that provide the electricity needed, there also is a cool and freeze installation, an aircon, a reverse osmosis fresh water maker, and all kinds of machinery essential to a safe operation of a ship.

In October 2019 we arrived at Damen Shipyards in Den Helder in The Netherlands. After 19 years, more than 700 crew, over 160.000 guests, 352.507 nautical miles, approximately 7000 generator hours per year, and 36.080 hours on the main engine it was time for the biggest refit in the field of energy & systems since Clipper Stad Amsterdam was launched in 2000. This refit has been completed in July 2020. 

To optimize efficiency & consumption, to reduce emissions and to meet future requirements, a new main engine and two new generators have been installed. The engine is now equipped with an exhaust gas treatment installation. In addition to the generators, a peak shaving system working on battery power has been installed. A new wastewater treatment system meets the latest technical end regulatory standards. Besides all this, the engine room received a general overhaul.

New engine
New engine

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