The crew

The crew consists of thirty experienced sailors, a hospitality team, a technical department, and trainees. As well as being able to expertly sail the Clipper Stad Amsterdam, our international, English-speaking crew members are all passionate about the ship and love sharing this with you. They have undergone extensive training on their country’s Sail Training Ships. The crew is led by two captains and five officers.

The crew typically is comprised of the Captain and three watch officers, the Chief Engineer and Assistant Engineer, one chef, a Bosun, three quartermasters, 2-4 crew for each watch quartermaster, and a Hotel Manager and 3-4 staff. 
The Captain and senior officers work one month on and one month off. The crew works two months on and one month off. All crew and hospitality staff have professional certifications for their positions. Although the crew stands to watch four hours on and four hours off, they work an additional four hours each day on maintenance, except on Sunday, to make certain that there is no rust, no frail lines, and the woodwork in awesome condition. 

There are weekly drills for fire, man overboard, abandon ship, medical crisis, and other scenarios that break up the usual watchstanding schedule to provide a consistent level of training for the crew as well as passengers.

Meet our amazing crew!

Ships office and work behind the scenes

Every vessel has a shipping company. Based in the headquarters building of Randstad in Amsterdam we have a team of office workers arranging all the processes for keeping the operation running smoothly. There are logistical managers, 3 sales managers, a human resource manager, and the company’s director. They make sure that sailing schedules and catering arrangements are made. They hire employees and arrange their flights and certificates. They keep track of finance or plan supplies to the ship. The ship relies on its 24-hour support and is continuously in contact with the office for updates or changes in the operation both ways.  

Next to our own office ashore there are other agencies and persons associated with the ship to back our operation. From ICT to technical support and from international shipping law to safety-related certificates and insurance companies. 

When we speak of a team effort; it extends beyond the decks of the Stad Amsterdam.