Meet the clipper crew

Our crew

The crew consists of thirty experienced sailors, a hospitality team, a technical department and trainees. As well as being able to expertly sail the Clipper Stad Amsterdam, our international, English-speaking crew members are all passionate about the ship and love sharing this with you. The crew is led by two captains and five officers.

All crew
Hospitality team
Ineke Eibergen, Babette Vriezen, Ernst de Haan, Anne Cornelissen, Paula Out & Evert van Dishoeck

Captain Andi Manser

Andi cycled to the Netherlands from his native Switzerland hoping to find work sailing so skippering the Clipper Stad Amsterdam is a dream come true for him. 

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Captain Moritz Kuhlenbäumer

Moritz has sailed and operated traditional sailing ships since 1993. After one year as a deckhand and several as a skipper on Dutch coastal and inshore waters, he left for the Baltic Sea and the Caribbean. Moritz has sailed all over the world on a variety of large sailing ships and in almost every conceivable position: sailor, engineer, nautical officer and captain.

Between 2007 and 2012, Moritz sailed on the Clipper Stad Amsterdam as second officer for one year and as first officer for four years. In June 2015, he became one of the two captains on board.

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Hospitality manager Bart van Liempt

Bart started as a restaurant dishwasher at a young age. Gaining enthusiasm for the hospitality industry, he was trained as a certified chef and worked in various kitchens for over fourteen years. Six of those years he worked as a chef on board the Clipper Stad Amsterdam and endeavored to further involve himself in the guest experience by stepping into the shoes of Hospitality Manager.

“As a (ships) cook and host, I immediately follow in the footsteps of my grandfather. Making your stay on board unforgettable is his legacy and my pride.”

Hospitality manager Marleen van Moorsel

Marleen couldn't get the Clipper Stad Amsterdam out of her head, after seeing the ship for the first time during Sail Amsterdam in 2000. With parents who loved sailing, she often sailed from Groningen to the Wadden Islands, which made her very familiar with the sea from an early age. This resulted in her choosing to work on cruise ships for 4 years. After 2 years of experience ashore she found her way back to sea on the Clipper Stad Amsterdam, allowing her to combine hospitality, the desire to travel and passion for sailing.

"I look forward to helping guests enjoy their travels and to give them the best hospitality possible."

Ineke Eibergen, Babette Vriezen, Ernst de Haan, Anne Cornelissen, Paula Out & Evert van Dishoeck

Clipper Stad Amsterdam HQ

First row (left-right):
Amanda Jonathans, Babette Vriezen, Ineke Eibergen, Anne Cornelissen
Second row (left-right):
Ernst de Haan, Reinoud van der Heijden, Evert van Dishoeck work as a team at the Clipper Stad Amsterdam HQ in – where else – Amsterdam!