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A world of luxury cruising and adventurous sailing on board the Clipper Stad Amsterdam! 

Adventurous sailing

Adventurous Sailing

Stad Amsterdam regularly sails the world’s seas and oceans on her way to new adventures and events. You can book a cabin on these port-to-port voyages, which range from short trips between cities such as Hamburg and Rotterdam to transatlantic voyages. It’s a relaxing way to see the world pass by. To be more involved in the actual sailing of the ship while on board is optional. 

Are you a true sailing fan who ould relish having an active role with the crew
during a trip with the Stad Amsterdam? Or do you have very little maritime know-how
but would like to pitch in, experience life at sea, and learn how to sail the clipper during your trip? Either way, you’re more than welcome to come to join us for a true bluewater adventure.


So many beautiful places to visit!