Director's Blog number 6: Evert van Dishoeck about work opportunities at Stad Amsterdam

We always receive a lot of questions about work on board the Clipper Stad Amsterdam. About the required skills, if you need sailing experience, and if you’re away all the time once you step on board… Time to write a blog about the opportunities and what you can expect if you become part of the Clipper Crew.

The Clipper Crew exists of 25-30 people, depending on the program. Our officers sail 'one of one' in periods of 6-8 weeks on board and 6-8 weeks at home. The nautical, technical and hospitality crew generally sail periods of 8-12 weeks with 4-6 weeks leave. On board the working hours vary from time to time. When we’re at sea we work in a three watch system, in which the crew is two times 'on watch' for four hours, spends four hours on maintenance and gets eight hours rest. When we’re in port we adjust the schedule to the program of the day and the local circumstances.

It looks like a dream job to work at sea visiting secluded blue water bays and remote islands with white sandy beaches and palm trees, or cities like London and New York. And it is, but it is also a ‘job’ and our crew works very hard for 7 days a week, mostly 12 hours a day for 8 to 12 weeks on a row. 

You do get a whole new family in return though for being away from home. The Clipper Crew not only work together but also live together on board and share cabins. Besides their work they spend quite a lot of time together exploring the often exotic destinations during their leave periods. 

On board the officers are the direct managers of the crew and make sure everyone stays healthy and feels safe and comfortable. The most challenging for everyone on board is probably that you not only share happy exciting moments together but also the more difficult moments and personal struggles. But that is also what makes the crew look after each other and form a team. 

We’re really proud of having quite a few crew members celebrating their 5, 10, or 15 year anniversary both on board and in our office in Amsterdam. We always try to give our crew opportunities to grow in their positions and within the company. On the other side there are also crew members that only work for us for one or two years before they start their studies and or continue their career elsewhere. Up to today the Clipper has employed about 700 enthusiastic crew members since she was launched! We are very lucky to have a large network with former crew members that are always very welcome and willing to join us once in a while during their holidays or less busy periods. Once a part of the Clipper Crew, always a part of the Clipper Crew... hopefully we all see them again at our 20th anniversary celebration this year!

Everyone is always welcome to email their applications to and check on the job opportunities on our website. We offer a greenhand position one or two times a year, for this position less experience is required. However he or she needs to have the intention to make sailing his or her career and stay with us for one or two years. 

For all the other positions on board we do require (square rigged) sailing experience on other Tall Ships and a minimum of 6-9 months is required for Ordinary Sailors. Besides that Stad Amsterdam is a registered Passenger Vessel, which requires crew members in all positions to hold STCW certificates in Basic Safety, Crowd Management and Designated Security Duties, a seaman's book and a valid medical certificate. As a person you need to be able to work in a team and be friendly and welcoming to our passengers. Living on board also requires social skills in general of course. 

For gaining sailing experience on smaller ships the Dutch 'brown fleet' makes a perfect start! Or you might choose to join a Tall Ships race or book an adventurous sailing trip to familiarize yourself with life at sea, very soon from now new trips will be published! On the website you find plenty of opportunities to join smaller ships to make a good career start!