We can’t change the direction of the wind, but we continue adjusting our sails

In times of ever- changing rules and regulations we’re happy to have found a way to keep ourselves busy, the crew up and running, the maintenance up to speed and our fans up to date! In our home country, The Netherlands, things are opening up and we’re happy to be able to soon receive some guests again. 


 The past few weeks we did several sea trials and sail training trips with our crew only in a safe way. We’ve sailed around England, Ireland, and Scotland and made a second loop via the Norwegian south and west coast, the Shetlands, and England's East coast. In total we sailed around 4.285 nautical miles in only a few weeks.


Enough miles to test all the new technical installations which have been renewed or replaced during our refit in Den Helder. We’ve also been able to test the rigging set-up and make sure everything works fine. The crew is working together like a well-oiled machine. We’ve been sailing in variable weather conditions and had plenty of wind, even up to 45 knots true wind, ideal to test the entire set-up under heel and in heavy seas.

The Clipper arrived safely back at the Scheepvaartmuseum in Amsterdam. It feels so good to have a safe haven to come back to, right in the middle of the city of Amsterdam. We’re excited to stay here until halfway through August! Moored alongside the museum, we’ll organise several small business events and gatherings and also receive museum day visitors who love to have a little peek on board. 

Within the next few weeks hopefully more and more options to take guests sailing again will open up. We’re so excited to leave for the sea and let people enjoy life onboard from the end of August. First we’ll set off with sailing trips to Hamburg, Rotterdam, Ostend, Bordeaux and Lisbon and we'll organise events in each one these cities on behalf of the owners of the Clipper.

We’ll soon share via our newsletters and online platforms the options for you to come on an adventurous sailing trip with us. If everything goes according to plan, we'll even head south and set course for the Caribbean sun again this winter. We’ll continue adjusting our sails and keep you posted about all possibilities to have you on board, whether it’s alongside the museum or when sailing. There’s hope on the horizon, and we’re all so happy about it!


ps. We're looking for new crew members! Head to our job page if you want to know more about it!