The Clipper at the Panama Canal

The Panama Canal. Both crew and guests were really looking forward to the trip through the Panama Canal. Twenty-six meters up in the three lock chambers, being pulled by locomotives to keep the ship right in the middle and moreover 40 miles through tropical forest and along artificial lakes. The Panama Canal is world famous and does appeals to everyone’s imagination.

In a bathtub

We are there early in the morning: according to the schedule the pilot will arrive on board at 07:17 am. Fortunately, it did take a while and gave two guests the opportunity to board just in time. We are on the way! And indeed, the Panama Canal is very impressive. All this was built by hand and with the help of simple machines, in a climate that makes you prefer to stay in the shade. Everything went without any problems: ffrom the linesmen who come by  rowing boat to bring the throw lines to the pumping of the water in and out. The rise and fall of the water is so fast that it feels like you are in a bathtub that runs empty. What a special start for our trip to Miami.

13°30’N 081°04’W

(Photo F. Nooteboom)

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Moritz Kuhlenbäumer - Captain Clipper Stad Amsterdam

Between 2007 and 2012 Moritz sailed on the Stad Amsterdam already as second officer for one year and as first officer for four years. In June 2015 Moritz Kuhlenbäumer became one of the two captains on board.