The Bahamas

For three weeks on board already, time sure flies. After taking over from Captain Andi Manser in Tampa, we headed to Grand Bahama, the northernmost island of the Bahamas for an incentive cruise for Randstad. After we sailed through the Strait of Florida street with a nice wind, the entire ship got desalted and polished.

It's my first trip here to the Bahamas, which makes it a very exciting trip to plan. Only on one side of the Bahamas Bank it is possible to anchor for the other side is too shallow.


We are lucky. There is a stable high pressure in the area with a wind blowing from the east this week.This is giving us the opportunity to sail to the Bimini Islands, and these islands are not only very beautiful but are also perfectly located on the route to Florida. North and South Bimini are all together only six miles long, a tiny spot in the Gulf of Florida. After a fantastic day of sailing we anchored west of the small island. After a for some guests heavy party night, we brought our guests ashore the next morning. And Bimini is definitely worth the visit: azure blue water, sandy white beaches and almost no tourism. In the evening we left with a very relaxing group of guests to Fort Lauderdale and everyone took some of Biminis' laid-back lifestyle with him or her home.

26°05’N 080°07’W

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Moritz Kuhlenbäumer - Captain Clipper Stad Amsterdam

Between 2007 and 2012 Moritz sailed on the Stad Amsterdam already as second officer for one year and as first officer for four years. In June 2015 Moritz Kuhlenbäumer became one of the two captains on board.