Strange weather conditions

By now it must have become clear that things have not gone much better with regards to my writing a log article.  But just think that hardly any news on the website also means that things go smoothly. The cruises are well organized and the crew is spending much time with our guests and the ship. And both are doing just fine.

But when talking about the weather a lot is going on. During the second and third cruise there was a strong eastern wind. We didn’t need many sails to sail in between the islands and back again.


Right now things appear to be completely different. A depression in the Gulf of Mexico caused some heavy rain showers and westerly- and later on even northwesterly winds yesterday. This is very unusual but resulted in some beautiful rainbows at this time of year. And in the evening we were on a smooth sea again enjoying one of the most beautiful sunsets while at anchor. So there is always something to see, and as is often the case on a sailing ship, not everything will always go as planned ... 

 17°00’N 061°47’W

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Moritz Kuhlenbäumer - Captain Clipper Stad Amsterdam

Between 2007 and 2012 Moritz sailed on the Stad Amsterdam already as second officer for one year and as first officer for four years. In June 2015 Moritz Kuhlenbäumer became one of the two captains on board.