Press Release: Clipper Stad Amsterdam is hoisting the sails for World Tour

This summer, on the 22 of August, Clipper Stad Amsterdam will set sail for a two-year trip around the world. The aim of the world tour is to make a positive contribution to equal job opportunities for young people, by creating options to sail on board. The Clipper does this together with its founding partners Randstad and the Municipality of Amsterdam. In addition, companies have the option to get on board as a partner for a leg of the world tour, like the asset management company Van Lanschot Kempen.

During the world tour, the Clipper will visit iconic cities across the world including Tokyo, Shanghai, Sydney, Mumbai, Cape Town, New York and London. The ports along the route offer opportunities for companies to host corporate events in a unique setting. Adventurous travellers and fans of the Clipper can sail along for a part or leg of the world tour and experience an unforgettable sailing trip.

Sailing around the world for two years

Evert van Dishoeck, director of Clipper Stad Amsterdam: 'This two-year round-the-world voyage is a wish that was long cherished. During the world tour, the ship will visit many countries and cities she has never been to before.'

'What many people don't know is that since her first sailing days in 2000, Stad Amsterdam has been sailing with a diverse group of young people every year. Young people who don't know each other, and learn to sail the ship together. Along the way, they learn important (soft) skills which give them a jump start on the job market. Such a trip is a unique and unforgettable experience, which makes the participants grow on a personal level.'

Encouraging equal opportunities for young people

The focus of the world tour is on increasing job opportunities for young people aged 18 - 27. By creating opportunities for them to come on board, the world tour provides a platform for changing the lives of young people across the world. Companies that become partners of the world tour, such as Van Lanschot Kempen, can sponsor a leg of the tour where young people from different cultural, social and economic backgrounds sail along.

Maarten Edixhoven, CEO of Van Lanschot Kempen, on the partnership with Clipper Stad Amsterdam: 'These young people are embarking on a special journey and we are happy to contribute to it. By embarking on this voyage together, they are embracing a unique opportunity for personal development and connection. We wish Clipper Stad Amsterdam and her crew an unforgettable and safe voyage!'

New holiday destinations for the Clipper

In addition to the familiar Caribbean, the following holiday destinations and routes have been scheduled (subject to change): the Panama Canal, Shanghai - Hong Kong, Hong Kong - east coast of Australia - Indonesia - Sydney, Singapore - Chennai (India) and Cape Town - Recife-Martinique. Several legs of the route are arranged so that individual sailing enthusiasts and adventurers can sail along. As a guest, you will visit unique destinations together with the crew.
Van Dishoeck continues: 'The world tour offers our loyal guests the opportunity to book a trip to one of the beautiful new destinations. We also hope to welcome guests from the new destinations to come and enjoy an unforgettable holiday aboard the Clipper.'
After the two-year round-the-world voyage, in honour of Amsterdam's 750th anniversary celebrations, the Stad Amsterdam will proudly sail back into her home port as SAIL Amsterdam's flagship in August 2025.

ABOUT Clipper Stad Amsterdam

Stad Amsterdam has been sailing the world's oceans since 2000. The ship is 76 metres long and features 31 sails with a total surface of 2,200 square metres. The ship has an authentic full square rig, a sharp clipper bow and sails under the Dutch flag as a passenger ship.

The Clipper can be booked for a cruise or a corporate event, the guest capacity for a reception is 200 guests, for a dinner buffet 150 guests and for a sit-down event 60 guests. Furthermore, guests can book a stay on board for a luxury cruise or an adventurous sailing trip. On board are 14 luxury cabins, a spacious dining room for dinners and presentations and an outdoor bar.