Pitstop at the Azores

After two weeks at sea with nothing around the ship, suddenly the Azores are there. Time for an update from the Captain about their pitstop at the Azores. 

PIM  09/05/2019  17:00 BT                      36° 47’N 020° 53'W                                                                                 

ponta delgada 

Half way the Atlantic Ocean we had a quick stop at the Azores. This time we had a stop in Ponta Delgada, San Miquel instead of Horta, Faial. We passed Horta on a distance of 30 mile. Some of the deckhands looked a bit disappointed. Memories of Café Peter Sport with good Gin Tonics for a low price passed by.


During their time in Ponta Delgada they figure out that this is also a beautiful city with nice restaurants. Even though a quick stop at the Azores has a lot of busy moments, we could find some time to go ashore. In between stores, cleaning and small reparations there is some time for the crew to explore this new city. After departure to Port Vendres we still had signal and we could watch the Champions League. The disappointment of the results fades away while setting sail. Congratulations Ajax, we are already dreaming about next year’s games.  


Moritz Kuhlenbäumer

Captain "Stad Amsterdam"






photos: Fleur Nooteboom

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Moritz Kuhlenbäumer - Captain Clipper Stad Amsterdam

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