Pelicans plunging

For two days in the port of St. Petersburg already. We are lucky to be in Florida instead of the coldness of St. Petersburg in Russia. The birds are not afraid and do not fly away when you pick them up. The dolphins swim by the stern, and are not interested in the waves near at the ship’s bow. The pelicans plunge synchronously in the water to catch the fish. And if you leave the pier, you will discover that the squirrels are eating out of your hands. 

Maintenance in the sun

The bosun is very much in demand these days while we are here. Since there will be no guests on board the ship until the weekend, maintenance is our highest priority. The weather is a great help to get some layers of paint on the ship.  We completely emptied out the sloop deck where we store extra sails, fenders, deckchairs and many more things. After a day hammering and grinding all the rust was gone. Now we need to treat the steel properly and give it some paint. Glad we can do all of this in the sun. The result is certainly much better than having to get this done in early November in Amsterdam at the shipyard. The probability of temperatures above 20 ° C is most unlikely then.

27°45’N 082°37’W

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Andi Manser - Captain Clipper Stad Amsterdam

Captain Andi Manser came on his bike to the Netherlands all the way from Switzerland, his country of birth. He hoped to find a job on a yacht. His job as captain on the Clipper Stad Amsterdam is a dream come true.