Meet our new hospitality manager

Ingrid van de Loo started her job as hospitality manager on board the Clipper this past week at the Bahamas during a 3 day client sail. The Atlantic Ocean crossing will be next on her agenda! During this most adventurous sailing trip she will be able to share her passion for hospitality with our guests sailing from Miami via the Azores to the South of France with us. It is exactly this combination of wanting to please sailing enthusiasts and traveling all over the world what attracts her to the Clipper.

Over the years, she met the Clipper Stad Amsterdam several times in ports at various locations worldwide and she became touched by the enthusiastic stories of the members of the crew.

A career at sea

Ingrid graduated in 2013 from the Hotel Management School Maastricht, after which she started her career at sea. In her first jobs she was a restaurant manager on cruise ships. She will now be facing a new challenge on a different and much smaller ship but one where service and well being of our guest is of greatest importance.

Experience what it is like on board during an adventurous sailing trip, luxury cruise, day sail or corporate event and meet Ingrid in person!

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