From Horta: Statistics of an ocean crossing

The Clipper can be found in the harbour of Horta since yesterday. It was an ocean crossing with fantastic weather and once again with the opportunity to use our sails only during almost all of the way.

The mile competition

307 hours under sail while only five hours on the engine! The hours to the bunkering station and to the pilot station in Boston already included. Perfect weather conditions made it possible to continue sailing without jeopardising the sailing schedule, even with hardly any wind.

There was one day with only 65.9 miles: the least amount of miles. But at the same time there was a day with 220.5 miles. The watch ended up being the slowest had to settle for 2.1 miles in 4 hours while they reached 44 miles at another day. In total we have sailed 2015 miles (and only 20 miles on the engine) with an average of 6, 4 knots.

Sunny Azores

As a reward we enjoyed a very sunny day at the Azores which is quite an exception here. In the evening we all went to the famous sailor bar. Exchanging stories with other crews while drinking a beer at the "Peter Sport" café and later on a good night rest after having been at sea for 14 days and nights. An ocean crossing better than this one is difficult to imagine.

about the author

Moritz Kuhlenbäumer - Captain Clipper Stad Amsterdam

Between 2007 and 2012 Moritz sailed on the Stad Amsterdam already as second officer for one year and as first officer for four years. In June 2015 Moritz Kuhlenbäumer became one of the two captains onboard.