Easterly wind during our Luxury sailing trip along Cartagena

In the meantime I have relieved my colleague in Curaçao. I have been looking forward to this period for a long time. We continue towards the west where in 1914 a connection between the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean was made. During our trip towards Cartagena we sailed along Aruba and the South American coast, we had quite some sunshine and a pleasant easterly wind, so we arrived yesterday under sail in the Colombian Cartagena.

Two totally different worlds

The office has arranged a beautiful berth just outside the official harbor area. On the peninsula lies the old city, next to the new city and the differences cannot be bigger. The old city, already built in the 16th century by the Spaniards in the style of the Colonial period. Beautifully colored houses with flowers in front of the windows and the chairs on the street. But as soon as you leave the old city walls you will be between white bare apartment buildings, which have been built over the last 40 years. Nevertheless, it is certainly worth it bringing a visit at these friendly people. And if I did not have to leave again the same day, I would have liked a trip in one of these special buses, that you see a lot over here.

 10°24’N 075°32’W

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