Texel, Vlieland, Terschelling, Ameland, Schiermonnikoog and Rottum. The Dutch islands are all different and one by one we see them starboard on the horizon, but from this distance, the differences are small. The question of the day is "which island do we see now?" I guess this has to do with the curiosity of human beings. Or the need to know where we are...

There's an app for that

In the end what we really want to know is how we can get home again. Of course I can check my cell phone, because my phone can tell me where we are and how fast we sail. There are apps that can find the North and tell you how the stars are called, they can inform you which way the wind will blow and whether it is convenient to carry an umbrella or better get the sunscreen out. This provides security and it feels safe.

Different perspectives

When we spoke to one of our guests on board about what island we thought we saw he answered: "Hoisting sails and trimming, wearing and tacking and enjoying the wind and the sea, this way I like it the most. Okay, fine dining and sleep a bit now and then is part of the trip too. A wonderful holiday to recharge my battery. Why worry about whether we pass by Vlieland or another island. The captain said that we're sailing to Hamburg, so he knows where we go… I'll read another chapter of my book." 

Lifetime memories

It is nice that people are so different. Every trip we get to know new people, from different countries, with different ideas, different interests and nevertheless they have something in common. All of them have chosen to go at sea with our beautiful ship. And, I dare to say, they will disembark with wonderful experiences and lifetime memories. Beautiful sailing on a beautiful sailing ship! 

about the author

Andi Manser - Captain Clipper Stad Amsterdam

Captain Andi Manser came on his bike to the Netherlands all the way from Switzerland, his country of birth. He hoped to find a job on a yacht. His job as captain on the Clipper Stad Amsterdam is a dream come true.