Corporate events in the Mediterranean

Finally we are actually sailing again!

In the port of Ibiza the first sails were up already.   East Northeast wind with a wind force 5, blue skies and 700 miles to go. It seems like the gods wanted to really spoil us. Actually I can’t really complain much about the weather. Ever since I came on board a few weeks ago. It only rained a little bit twice. Moritz could not have had it better.

The business programs in the Mediterranean are a busy time for the crew. We made it possible though for more than thousand guests to have an excellent time on board again.  But we also have more downs than a thousand people can give a beautiful time on the ship. In Italy there were many day trips organized. Fortunately there was not too much wind so everyone could enjoy the delicious buffet. A few extra sails had to be set in order to get some speed. After we returned to the harbor the ship had to be cleaned and preparations were made for the harbor event in the evening. When we stay in harbor there is one advantage for we are able to welcome 250 guests. After a week in Genoa, we knew all pilots by their first name and also knew how they liked their coffee. Then it went south towards Livorno to run a similar program. We ended our corporate events in Civitavecchia with Rome as the nearest port.

From there we quickly crossed over to the other side to reach Ibiza for the Spanish department of the Randstad company,.  Hence quickly cross over to Ibiza for the Spanish division of Randstad. Here guests were invited to join us for a mini cruise. After the welcoming speech and the safety instructions, sails were set and we headed for Formentera where we dropped anchor in the afternoon. While the guests went for a swim, the aperitif and the "pata negra" were prepared on deck. At the same time the tender had to go in the water because the guest would be exploring the island as well. In Spain they are used to eating much later and not surprisingly the party started later than we are used to. For some it was a tough decision whether or not to go to sleep before it was time to go to the beach again. But for lunch, we picked up everyone again and went back to Ibiza to anchor. After a drink of cava and saying goodbye to one another with of course a photo of the entire group made, our guests went by bus to the airport. Fortunately we have a lot of helping hands on board. We just had enough time to clean all of the cabins before our next guests boarded a few hours later. Full of energy and curious about what kind of adventure they were getting into for the next two days. We also got to know the pilots in Ibiza and no instructions were necessary anymore..
So it is now setting sails and looking at the islands one last time while waving goodbye. It was a busy but wonderful and educational time. Next year we are glad to be back but now it is time for some true sailing again. With all sails set towards the Atlantic Ocean as long as we have a running wind.

Andi Manser
Captain "Stad Amsterdam"