Celebrating 20 years Clipper Stad Amsterdam online

As I wrote in my blog of december 2019 when looking forward to 2020 one of the highlights on our agenda was celebrating 20 years Clipper Stad Amsterdam. This is what I wrote...

We have received over the years almost two hundred  thousand guests, passengers and visitors on board since we started sailing. A lot of guests still follow us on social media, receive our newsletter and book sailing trips with us regularly. Even during our refit period in Den Helder we have plenty of people checking on the ship while she’s in the dry dock. It has been such a special journey with all of you in the past 20 years. Together with our two founding partners, the Municipality of Amsterdam and Randstad, we’ll make sure there will be opportunities to celebrate 20 years Clipper Stad Amsterdam with us, online or in real life.

It almost is like I had a foresight when I wrote online or in real life... it is clear that by now this will be online for all of us. The world is a totally different place right now. A positive mind and good health are more important than ever. Especially in these challenging times we need to keep on dreaming, spend time outside and go on micro adventures from our home. 

The past few months we changed, reorganized and rescheduled our travel and meeting schedule endlessly, in the end we decided to stay at home for a bit. Literally. This winter are moored alongside the National Maritime Museum in the heart of Amsterdam, which is also our home port. We feel really fortunate we can be here and that we’re able to welcome all our Dutch and International fans on board, in shifts, but possible. Our Dutch fans normally follow us mostly online because we’re always on the move sailing international waters. So it’s kind of a win win! We also feel very at home here because we are in the exact same location as the ship was completed in the year 2000. 

The Clipper was launched in 2000 and baptized by Mrs. Rita Kok (first picture), the wife of our serving prime minister at that time. The ship was revealed to the public for the first time during SAIL Amsterdam in 2000. 

And although we can’t organize a party this year we don’t want to miss all the fun. So for the last three months of the year we will be very visible online with photos and stories which go back in time. We will take you on a little adventure back to how it once was, all the way up to where we are now.

We will also share a sneak peek on board and who knows what else we have in store for you around Christmas time! We hope you will all celebrate this milestone online with us. Together with our owners the Municipality and Randstad we have decided to postpone the live festivities to 2021 when we hopefully will be allowed again!

As always, be welcome onboard!

Ps 20 years Clipper Crew
In 20 years time we’ve had so many amazing crew on board. They all make our trips unforgettable and very special. For all who have worked on the Clipper and for everyone who is working with us now, we launched a Clipper Crew Facebook Group to share sweet memories, stories and photos. Do you know anyone who has been working on the Clipper, please send them this link to celebrate with us!