Blog 3 - Evert van Dishoeck - Going green takes more than just a refit

One of the biggest steps in the process towards a more green performance of the Clipper Stad Amsterdam is almost happening! On Monday the 28th of October we will enter the Zeedock Lock in Den Helder in the Netherlands. This is the lock between the outer harbor and the inner basin of the old naval dockyard Willemsoord and the entrance to Willemsoord Marina. 

The Clipper will be at Willemsoord in drydock 2 for a period of 5 months. 

The biggest updates will be made in the area of our propulsion plant and energy supply. After the refit our onboard power supply will be much more efficient, we will save fuel and reduce emissions and will meet future IMO legislation in this field.

A big step forward

The refit is a big step forward and we’ve been working on this for years already. The Clipper is a very well designed, balanced and good performing sailing ship. In fact the Clipper is moving around the world on wind energy whenever we can and the crew and her guests are excited to set as much sails as possible and make her go fast.

Being so close to nature all the time makes us really conscious about everything we do on board but also in traveling. For the crew we carefully check all possible travel options and book the train instead of a flight when possible. Another step we took is reducing the use of plastic bottles and we did research for a more sustainable merchandise collection. 

For our guests on board we don’t provide plastic water bottles anymore. They all receive a small reusable water bottle from us when they arrive. This also works perfect for when they leave the ship for a day to do a tour on land. We have less plastic on board to throw away and less plastic to leave in the places we visit.

The collection of merchandise gifts we sell on board has just been renewed and is now made of sustainable materials, which are ethically and ecologically produced. It feels much better to sell gifts we have carefully chosen.  

I’m really proud to see the steps we are taking towards an even more green performance. It’s good to see the road we’re taking comes with a lot of positivity and new energy.

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Evert van Dishoeck - Director Clipper Stad Amsterdam