Birthday of a captain

Normally it is the captain writing the Captain’s log. It usually contains information about the weather and the sailing route. This time the hospitality crew is responsible for the Captain’s Log because captain Andi is celebrating his birthday today!

We have to skip having drinks together because we are at sea but nevertheless we can still surprise him with a Tiramisu cake, his favorite! Current weather conditions made it quite a difficult task for Simon, the cook, but he succeeded in the end!

The birthday vest is a tradition on board the Clipper Stad Amsterdam. This tradition was initiated by one of the bosuns some time ago and since then the vest has experienced many anniversaries. The person having a birthday becomes the Ambassador of the Sisterhood of the Lonely Lioness.for as long as he or she is the most recent one having a birthday, The name refers to the lioness on the vest. Therefore, the vest should be treated with extreme care and it is not allowed to leave the vessel with it under any circumstances. The ambassador can wear the vest during all crew events.When there is another person celebrating his or her birthday the vest will be passed on but you will stay a lifelong member of the Sisterhood of the Lonely Lioness Today it is captain Andi Manser’s turn to hold on to the vest and the Ambassadorship associated with it!

Despite a captain celebrating his birthday it is just an ordinary day at sea. The plan to tack at Plymouth and head south afterwards had to be cancelled.
Ultimately,our captain decided to anchor on Monday night. To survive another depression we had to spend the night at anchor near Brixton in the south of England. After extensive cleaning, we finally continued our way south after the coffee break on Tuesday.The first dolphins were spotted again and hopefully the sun will follow soon!

On behalf of the entire crew, we wish Andi  many more happy days in good health.

Remco Labohm,
Hospitality manager


about the author

Remco Labohm - Hospitality manager

Remco Labohm began washing dishes and working as a deckhand on various party boats in and around Amsterdam at the age of 15. Sailing and catering competed for his attention but he eventually decided to study at the Hotel School in the Netherlands. That was not the end of the story, however. As event manager at Randstad Holding, Remco was introduced to the Clipper Stad Amsterdam. After 3.5 years, he made the decision to leave his career at Randstad for a life at sea as hospitality manager on board the Clipper Stad Amsterdam. Remco’s job combines his passion for sailing with a true talent for hospitality. When at home in the Netherlands he usually spends his time around the canals of Amsterdam or sails on the Frisian lakes on board a traditional Dutch vessel called a ‘skûtsje’.