Almost on our way north!

In the meantime the Clipper Stad Amsterdam has left the Italian west coast and arrived at the Spanish island Ibiza after a wonderful passage through the Strait of Bonifacio between the islands of Corsica and Sardinia. Just for a little while longer the ship, crew and guests are enjoying the good life in the Mediterranean before having to start on the last leg; the journey up north, on the way home!

Another fantastic adventurous sailing trip is programmed for the first week in July: across the beautiful Mediterranean Sea, through the Strait of Gibraltar and at the Atlantic Ocean. After a short visit to Lisbon, the Stad Amsterdam will then sail to Brest to be just in time for the partaking in the Sail Out Parade at "Les Tonnerres de Brest", a famous recurrent maritime event. When in late July the guests of Randstad France leave the ship after a day sail in "Le Havre", 40 youngsters will embark for their sailtraining - wandering - voyage to "where the wind will take them” with “IJmuiden” in The Netherlands as the final destination. We are home again... even if it is just for a short while.
The Amsterdam Gay Pride and the Olympic (Games) Experience at Scheveningen are next on our schedule, to which we are very much looking forward to. It will be wonderful to celebrate these important and big events along with many others.

Then the adventurous sailing enthusiasts will have the opportunity to join us on a number of wonderful sailing trips (city trips) which are already published on our website. These adventurous trips will be the last ones in 2016……

After our annual maintenance period in November at the Damen Shiprepair Amsterdam, we'll head south again and with the help of the tradewinds we will be going back to the Caribbean.
The Stad Amsterdam will be chartered this fall and therefore sailing with us on an adventurous trip will be available again in the spring of 2017.

For a preview have a look at the VERY SPECIAL REPORT sent to us by one of our guests on board during the Altlantic Ocean crossing last April.
If you prefer our luxury cruises in the Caribbean, we have a fantastic cruise in February along the most beautiful islands in store for you!
This trip we will soon be published.
Photo Jim Kenninck


Photo Mr. Schreyer