A very creative meal

Our days of swimming in Italy are over. The Italian flag had to be taken down and we are now on our way to the Spanish neighbors. For the past 10 days we took about hundred guest per day to the open sea from 10 o’clock in the morning until 4 o'clock in the afternoon With our crew in the  lead, many sails were set, maneuvers done and learning how to tie special knots.

Preparing for the BBQ for our guests coming on board in the evening is next. After an hour of instructions in the longroom everything is ready for a delicious dinner on the deck with an excellent glass of wine. No better place for enjoyable chatting on board the Clipper while the sun is setting. The volume of the music will be turned up later in the evening and the guests have the opportunity to dance and burn immediately burn the extra calories before they return home again.

A extra ordinary creation
For our crew things are a bit different. All of their tasks that need to be done every day from early in the morning until late in the evening burn a lot of calories already. They need to stay in shape. Crew member Emma got a very health surprise on het last evening on board: A vegetarian & glute free pie. On top of a glute free pizza beans, vegetables and quiche were added. Topped with humus and decorated with peppers, tomatoes and zucchini. A huge compliment for our very creative chefs.

Now we are on our way to Ibiza. Wish the winds here were a bit more friendly to all of those sailing but fortunately the sun and the temperatures make up for it.

 43°08’N 009°30’W

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Andi Manser - Captain Clipper Stad Amsterdam

Captain Andi Manser came on his bike to the Netherlands all the way from Switzerland, his country of birth. He hoped to find a job on a yacht. His job as captain on the Clipper Stad Amsterdam is a dream come true.