A celebrations blog for 20 years Clipper Stad Amsterdam from director Evert van Dishoeck

For all of us working at the Clipper Stad Amsterdam this month is the time to look forward to an exciting new year. In spring 2020 we’ll finish our refit period in Den Helder. In summer we have the honour to be flagship for the 10th edition of Sail Amsterdam, and on the last day of this fantastic event we embark on a special tour around the world. We will be the sailing platform for the SDG World Tour, a global mission to raise more awareness and accelerate progress on the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals. But above all, in 2020 we celebrate 20 years Clipper Stad Amsterdam and we’re going to celebrate this all year long!

The Clipper was built in the year 2000, in a public-private partnership with the Municipality of Amsterdam to preserve key workforce skills and competences. But also as a reminder of the proud Dutch history in international (sailing) trade, of true pioneering spirit and of the search for new frontiers and new possibilities. 

The ship has been around the world several times, and has played multiple roles in heightening awareness of the necessity to think about a sustainable future, and about fostering cooperation between all kinds of people worldwide. 

If you have been following us, you will remember the exciting journeys where we were re-enacting the journey of Darwin’s Beagle, to some of the most precious nature reserves in the world. The trade and diplomatic promotions that our ship was used for, or the sessions about meaningful work and careers for all, with our sponsors. Or the many trips where we had the chance to train groups of young people in how they can do amazing things that they had never considered before by working together in a very diverse crew. In fact, our regular crew is also a fantastic example of that.

In 20 years time we’ve had so many amazing crew on board. They all make our trips unforgettable and very special. Which is also the reason we also want to celebrate 20 years of Clipper Crew also with them. For all who have worked on the Clipper and for everyone who is working with us now, we launched a Clipper Crew Facebook Group to share sweet memories, stories and photos. Do you know anyone who has been working on the Clipper, please send them this link to celebrate with us!

Guests, passengers & visitors, there’s more!
We have received hundreds of thousands of guests, passengers and visitors on board since we started sailing. A lot of guests still follow us on social media, receive our newsletter and book sailing trips with us regularly. Even during our refit period in Den Helder we have plenty of people checking on the ship while she’s in the dry dock. It has been such a special journey with all of you in the past 20 years. Together with our two founding partners, the Municipality of Amsterdam and the Randstad Holding Group, we’ll make sure there will be opportunities to celebrate 20 years Clipper Stad Amsterdam with us, online or in real life. We will keep you posted!

We wish you a great start of the new year, and we hope that you will join us once more, in body or in spirit, in navigating towards a brighter future!