30 young people set sail on the Clipper Stad Amsterdam world tour

Amsterdam, 19 October 2023 – One of the most iconic ships in the world, Clipper Stad Amsterdam, has embarked on a two-year voyage around the world. Today, the leg from Amsterdam to Porto started with, in addition to the regular crew, a special group of 30 young people on board.

The Stad Amsterdam world tour is all about equal opportunities, diversity and inclusion. And it's no coincidence that the ship departed from Amsterdam with these particular 30 young people on board. The voyage, supported by Van Lanschot Kempen, Randstad and the City of Amsterdam, among others, aims to show that everyone is able to contribute in their own unique way and everyone has talents that can make a difference. The young people each bring their own story, background, talents and the obstacles they face on board with them.

Rolf Schrama, former Paralympic sailor and currently Inclusion Coordinator at Van Lanschot Kempen: “We want to prove that each talent counts. Dedication to inclusion and diversity goes hand in hand with our ambition to contribute to a sustainable and more inclusive world. During the voyage, young people with physical (occupational) disabilities, among other things, will have the opportunity to pursue their dreams and push their limits. By bringing together such a diverse group of young people and teaching them to work together as a team on board, we're raising awareness of everyone's limitations and skills. This is a life-changing experience.”

“We hope that this voyage is not only an unforgettable experience for those taking part, but that it also inspires others who dream of overcoming obstacles and developing their own unique talents.”

Andi Manser (Captain Clipper Stad Amsterdam): “During the voyage, participants are not only going to learn new skills, but also create lasting memories and forge friendships that last a lifetime. Participants of these youth trips grow in self-confidence because they have challenged themselves, pushed their limits, and have each have played an indispensable role in the team. An experience that stays with them for the rest of their lives. It’s a truly inspiring initiative and I'm so grateful that we, as the crew on board the Clipper Stad Amsterdam, can be a part of it.”

Business opportunies
Aside from this ambitious youth program, the world tour also presents businesses the opportunity to host corporate events on board the ship, in iconic major cities such as Tokyo, Shanghai, Sydney, Mumbai, Cape Town, New York and London. Adventurous travellers and fans of the Clipper can also join on board parts of the world tour for an unforgettable sailing holiday. The Clipper Stad Amsterdam will return to its home port in August 2025, during SAIL Amsterdam 2025, in honour of the city’s 750-year anniversary. 

For more information about the initiative and the possibilities for collaboration, please contact Reineke Boot, Project Manager World Tour Clipper Stad Amsterdam. 

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