January 4 - 13, 2022


This luxury cruise took place in January 2022.

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The Clipper Stad Amsterdam as an international passenger ship is bound by the measures prescribed by the Dutch government and the measures that apply worldwide onboard international passenger ships.

We offer you a 100% refund guarantee concerning the travel sum paid to us if it would not be possible to carry out the trip or if other unforeseen COVID-19-related situations of force majeure occur, which would force us to cancel the trip.

Experience the best of this Caribbean archipelago

Every year in wintertime several luxury Caribbean sailing cruises are organized on board the square-rigged tall ship Clipper Stad Amsterdam. Whether you are an experienced sailor or not, we are more than pleased to invite you to join us on one of our luxury sailing holidays in the Caribbean.

On Tuesday January 4th, the captain and his crew welcome you on board the Clipper Stad Amsterdam. After a delicious welcome dinner on board, we will sail towards the British Virgin Islands the next morning. 

Depending on the wind and 'swell' conditions on the spot and the COVID-19 regulations, sailing will be according to the following program:

Practical Information 


Jost van Dyke

After approximately 24 hours of great sailing, we will drop anchor at Jost Van Dyke. The island of Jost Van Dyke roughly covers eight square kilometres and is one of the smallest of the British Virgin Islands. It is believed that the island owes her name to the Dutch pirate Joost van Dyk. In the afternoon you can enjoy swimming and snorkelling and the white sandy beach. In the evening we will visit Foxy's Bar. This world-famous beach bar serves delicious homemade rum. 

The next morning we will set course to Norman Island. The passage at Soper's Hole on the way will certainly be a highlight. The narrow passage always is a very exciting experience for a tallship like Clipper Stad Amsterdam.

Norman Island & Cooper Island

Norman Island is the most southern island of the British Virgin Islands. The island has no inhabitants and is privately owned. We like to take you to the superb snorkelling spots and you can also enjoy the beautiful beach. Perhaps you like to swim around the ship instead while admiring the very beautiful surroundings. An ideal place to relax. We stay here for the afternoon and evening.

Sailing from Norman Island to Cooper Island on the next day will take quite a few hours. Learn all about tacking into the wind and other sailing techniques on the way. Cooper Island is one in a string of small islands and is largely privately owned. The beautiful white sandy beach, wonderful snorkelling possibilities and a cosy beach club will make your stay on this island in the afternoon and evening very enjoyable.

Virgin Gorda

This day will be an active sailing day. When tacking into the wind in the Sir Francis Drake Channel we could really use your help with the sailing manoeuvres. 
Late in the afternoon we will arrive at Spanish Town on Virgin Gorda where we anchor. We will enjoy a delicious dinner on board first. In the evening you may want to visit the small town 'Spanish Town' with nice shops and various cosy bar restaurants.

The following morning we visit the natural phenomenon of the Baths on Virgin Gorda. This is a volcanic and 70 million years old area, consisting of a maze of mainly underwater caves. Crystal clear water, white sands and huge cliffs with various salty water basins in between to bathe in. Lunch will be served on the beautiful beach named 'Savannah beach'.

St. Barths
Bitter End Yacht Club
the baths
St. Barths


After lunch, we continue our voyage. Our next destination will be the island of Anegada where we expect to arrive early in the evening. The ship anchors here in very shallow water and because it is a flat island you can enjoy a special turquoise colored water which can normally only be seen close to the white beach. This evening dinner will be served on board.

The name Anegada which means 'sunken land' comes from the fact that the island does not owe its existence to a volcanic eruption and is a lot more flat than the surrounding islands. The highest point is only 8.5 meters above the sea. Anegada has about 200 inhabitants, most of whom live in the largest city of the island: 'The Settlement'. Delicious fresh lobsters, beautiful reefs for snorkelling, bird watching at the salt ponds and a meeting with flamingos are some of the activities that you can do on this island. The next day we will spend several hours on this island.

Virgin Corda
Bitter End Yacht Club

St. Barths & Saint Martin

Late in the afternoon, it is time to leave the island of Anegada behind us. We have to prepare ourselves for the final sailing activity of this cruise to Saint-Barthélemy or St. Barths in short. Here you can swim to your heart's content and visit Gustavia, the island's capital. A delicious captain's and farewell dinner will be prepared for you in the evening.

The next morning after breakfast it will not take long to arrive at Phillipsburg where we have to say goodbye. 

We hope you had a pleasant stay with us!

St Barths

Saint Martin - Saint Martin