Luxury cruise Sint Maarten - Martinique

January 6 - 15, 2023

This cruise is fully booked

Every year in wintertime we organise several luxury sailing cruises on the square-rigged tall ship Clipper Stad Amsterdam. Whether you are an experienced sailor or not, you are more than welcome to join us on one of our luxury sailing holidays in the Caribbean.


Discover beautiful Caribbean islands

Can you think of anything more exciting than sailing in the Caribbean on a spectacular vessel like the Clipper Stad Amsterdam? Sun, sea, beautiful beaches, lovely excursions, excellent food and fantastic sailing are all ingredients we offer on this unforgettable holiday.

During the day, we spend most of our time sailing. In the evenings, we find a pristine bay to drop the anchor. Before dinner, there's time to go for a swim or snorkel session in clear blue water, or relax and have a cocktail. At the same time, our chef is preparing a barbecue on the beach or a delicious three-course dinner on the deck.

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Welcome & sailing to Saint Barths

The captain and his crew welcome you on board in Sint Maarten on January 6. During a lovely welcome dinner there is time to let all new impressions sink in. The first night on board we'll spend near Philipsburg, the capital of the Dutch part of the island. Here you'll also see the enormous cruise ships and the town is busy and lively. The French part is a little quieter. 

The next morning after breakfast, we're setting the sails and after a few hours we'll  arrive in a bay near St. Barths. On the island you find iguanas, cacti that bloom only at night, beautiful beaches, luxury yachts and designer boutiques in Gustavia. It is a favorite holiday destination of many celebrities from around the world. They also call it the St.Tropez of the Caribbean. 

In the afternoon you can take a refreshing swim and after dinner it is possible to visit the island's capital Gustavia.

To Saint Kitts

The next day, early in the next morning the crew will lift the anchor and with Saba and St. Sint Eustatius on starboard side we will sail to Saint Kitts (Saint Christopher).

There often is a good northeasterly wind, which makes this part of the Caribbean a popular sailing area. Enjoy the sailing qualities of the Clipper Stad Amsterdam and experience how challenging sailing in lee of Saint Kitts can be. 

On the south side of the island, there is an idyllic beach and lovely place to anchor and relax. On board we have goggles, snorkels and flippers you can use as the conditions for snorkeling are excellent here. Once back on the ship a delicious dinner will be served and the bar is open for a cocktail, wine or a fresh cold beer.


After a wonderful time at the island of Saint Kitts, we will leave for Montserrat around breakfast time. We'll try to close-haul sail and to tack while passing the rock Retonda on our way. We expect to arrive at our next destination in the afternoon.

Tuesday will be entirely dedicated to an extended visit to this beautiful island. On the east coast there is a lookout point called Jack Boy Hill. From the 65 meter high platform the view of the Soufrière volcano will take your breath away. In one of the tours we offer you can learn all about the volcano.

Iles des Saintes

The next morning we'll set sail to Iles des Saintes where we plan to arrive that same afternoon. This group of eight little tropical islands is located just a few miles from Guadeloupe. Iles des Saints offers splendid beaches, beautiful bays and exceptional snorkeling spots such as near 'Pain de sucre' the most famous mountain on the island. There also are a fort and a charming French colonial village to visit.

Dominica - Portsmouth

It is only a few hours sailing from Iles des Saints to Dominica, where we'll try to drop our anchor near Portsmouth.

Dominica is the largest and most mountainous island of the Leeward Islands and with no doubt deserves the title 'nature island of the Caribbean'. Dominica is still untouched by mass tourism and hardly has any luxury resorts which is why she leaves a deep impression on each visitor.

Considering the smallness, there is probably no other island that has so much to offer. There is plenty of time to explore the beautiful island during this luxury cruise, for example during a boat trip through the mangroves on the Indian River. In the evening you can go ashore to visit Portsmouth.

Dominica - Roseau

Today you can join our local guide Seacat for an unforgettable trip around the island. He shows you the different kinds of fruits and spices on the island and let you try them. You will visit his friends and he'll take you to a natural pool at a waterfall in the jungle!

In the meantime, the Clipper Stad Amsterdam moves from Portsmouth to Roseau, where you'll board the ship again. Before dinner is served on deck you can have a nice cocktail and enjoy our new scenery and evening views.


Early Saturday morning we leave for Martinique and after a few lovely hours sailing we drop our anchor in the bay of Grand Anse. We spend the afternoon on the beach and celebrate our last evening together with a Captain's dinner on board.

The Clipper Stad Amsterdam will sail to Fort-de-France early the next morning and at around 10 am everyone will disembark. We hope you had an unforgettable time on board!

Sint Maarten - Martinique