Luxury Cruise from Copenhagen to Kiel

June 14 - 22, 2020

with stops at Klintholm havn, Lübeck, Ærø  and Sonderborg 

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Exploring the beauty of the Baltic Sea

Imagine what it would be like to sail on the tallship Clipper Stad Amsterdam from Copenhagen to Kiel and to visit special islands like Klintholm Havn, Ærø and Sonderborg in Denmark and the city Lübeck in Germany!

This unique luxury sailing voyage starts in the capital of Denmark. Copenhagen, located on the island of Amager and at the strait "the Sound", is a historic city with a modern look. The important and busy waterway connects the Kattegat strait and thereby the North Sea with the Baltic Sea.
In just 30 minutes it is possible to travel from Copenhagen to the Swedish city of Malmö by means of the Oresund Bridge which opened up in 2000. This combined railway- and motorway bridge over the Sound is the longest in Europe and is worth visiting especially for those interested in architecture. But there is much more to do in Copenhagen. See The Little Mermaid with your own eyes, visit Tivoli and Christiansborg, enjoy beautiful palaces, museums & galleries, stroll through the old city and explore the very nice shopping streets that this diverse city has to offer. A wonderful start to an unforgettable sailing holiday!

Practical Information

Welcome on board

After a welcome by the captain and his crew followed by a refreshing drink on the deck, a nice dinner and the captain’s briefing, you will be spending the first night in one of the 14 comfortable cabins onboard. After breakfast the next morning, the Clipper will leave the port of Copenhagen to set course to Klintholm Havn: the first stop on this luxury cruise.

You will be introduced to the sailing aboard a tallship on this first day at sea. You can go aloft in the main mast all the way to the very top if you like, help set sails, steer, set course or just relax. While the crew keeps the ship on course, tasty snacks and drinks are served on the deck if the weather permits. 

Clipper Stad Amsterdam

Klintholm havn

In the evening we head to our anchorage at the lovely fishing village of Klintholm Havn on the Danish island of Møn. Here you will be enjoying a multi-course dinner, served on deck if the weather permits. In the meantime you can enjoy the wonderful new surroundings in which you find yourself.

For the following day a visit is planned to the island Møn with its breathtaking landscape. Møns Klint at the eastern coast of the Danish island is a wonderful destination for nature-lovers. Diving in the Baltic sea or roaming around an ancient forest with 70-million-year-old fossils is a possibility as well as viewing the eight-kilometre chalk cliffs with a span of 128 metres above the sea. In addition to climbing to the highest point where extraordinary plants grow and rare animals live, you may want to descend the steep stairs to the pebble beach as well and look up in awe. Sometimes small pieces of chalk rock break off and disappear into the sea. Another fun activity to undertake at the island will be visiting the cosy harbour with nice (fish) restaurants where you can see the fishing boats coming in.

Klintholm Havn at the island Møn in Denmarkarken
De cliffs on the Danish island Møn. Møns Klint
Clipper Stad Amsterdam

Lübeck in germany

The sails are set early in the evening and it will take all night to reach the city of Lübeck. During this time there is enough opportunity to relax after the exciting day spent on the island Mon. Do you prefer to be a little bit more active? Feel free to join the ship’s crew handling the sails, keeping a lookout and setting the course. On this luxury cruise, all is possible but certainly not an obligation. The tranquillity of the sea and the beautiful starry sky at night are a wonderful experience. Let the spectacular sunsets and sunrises at sea surprise you.

After breakfast, the Clipper Stad Amsterdam will arrive at the port of the Hanseatic city Lübeck. Watch the final 17 kilometres on the Trave River from the deck and be amazed. All-day and all evening there is the opportunity to visit the historic UNESCO world heritage city centre with a great many monuments! The Marienkirche, the museum quarter with an old synagogue, church and medieval buildings, the Townhall (Rathaus), the charming red-brick city gate and the large warehouses where the city used to store its salt reserves are just a few examples of all there is to do in this wonderful city.

Clipper Stad Amsterdam
Clipper Stad Amsterdam
Trave river in Lubeck old town, Germany

Ærø - an unique Danish Island

After a good night sleep on board the ship in Lübeck, the crew will be preparing the ship in early morning for the next leg of this luxury cruise. You will be able to enjoy sailing on the square-rigged three-mast Clipper Stad Amsterdam while delicious snacks and drinks will be served on deck or in the longroom during the 80 nautical miles that it takes to reach the island of Ærø, 

The next day will be entirely dedicated to visiting the nostalgic island with an area of only 88 km². Ærø is located south of the island Funen and west of Langeland on the strait called Little Belt. The main town on the island is Ærøskøbing which is a well-preserved 17th-century village. The colourful houses and the narrow streets are a special sight to see. The island also has an elongated beach and many hiking trails. There will be enough time to get acquainted with this unique Danish island during your day and evening stay.

Clipper Stad Amsterdam
romantic houses on the island Aero


It is about 10 hours sailing to Sonderborg which will be the very last stop on this cruise before the Clipper arrives in Kiel. The town Sonderborg on the east coast of southern Denmark is split by the waters of "Als Strait" which separates the small island Als from Jutland. There is a bridge that connects the two halves of the city and thus the Old Town with its newer parts. The harbour is very nice and the castle “Sønderborg Slot” is a well-known tourist attraction. A nice evening stroll through the old part of town is another option.

The next morning the last leg of this trip will be a fact. It will take another 7 hours before the ship reaches her final destination Kiel in Germany.

Clipper Stad Amsterdam
Sonderborg, Denmark


Late in the afternoon when our hospitality team is preparing the captain’s dinner that will be served on this last evening on board in Kiel you are free to get a first impression of this city located on the Kieler fjörde. Do you know that one of the largest sailing regattas in the world - an annual event in Kiel known as “the Kieler Woche” - will take place in Kiel from June 20th until June 28th this year? Besides the Kieler Woche, the city has a lot more to offer.

Monday morning at 10.00 this luxury sailing cruise will come to an end. May the sun, the excellent food, fantastic sailing and the special stops on the way make this trip a great experience.


Copenhagen - Klintholm Havn - Lübeck - Ærø - 
Sonderborg - Kiel


Practical information

Embarkation: Sunday June 14, 2020 at 17h00 in Copenhagen, Denmark
Debarkation: Monday June 22, 2020 at 10h00 am in Kiel, Germany

Price per person in a double cabin: € 1.895,-
(A single cabin will be booked for you in case you are travelling alone. The surcharge for a single cabin is 50%)

Are you interested in a cabin with a double bed?
The surcharge is € 250,- (depending on availability).

The price includes:
-Full board * (breakfast with coffee/tea/juices/milk, lunch, dinner)
-Fresh fruit
-Harbor dues

Additional costs are:
-Flights and transfers to and from the ship
-Drinks on board
-Other personal expenses

*All beverages and extras after breakfast is not included. Lunch and dinner service can be either served or will be offered buffet-style depending on wind and weather conditions. At sundowner time, complimentary finger foods will be offered free of charge.

Sea, weather and/or logistic conditions may force the captain to alter the program, ​the ports of call or proceed under engine power.

Flight suggestions:
There are many flight opportunities from major airports to Copenhagen for attractive prices. A ticket for a flight with one stopover from San Francisco to Copenhagen, for example, amounts to about € 425,-. From, for example, Paris, Frankfurt, Amsterdam, Brussels or Madrid, a flight to Copenhagen will cost between € 78,- and € 233,00. 
For more information and tickets please visit: 

The airport in Hamburg is the nearest international airport when leaving the vessel at Kiel.
The quickest way to get from Kiel to Hamburg is by train which costs € 30  - € 60 and will take about one hour. For more information and tickets: Deutsche Bahn

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