Life aboard...


Breakfast, lunch & dinner included

A self-service buffet breakfast is served in the long room. Juices, coffee, tea, milk and fresh fruit are free of charge. Beverages and extras after breakfast are not included and will be added to your personal bar tab.

Lunch and dinner
Depending on the programme and the weather conditions, lunch and dinner are served on deck, inside at the table or as a buffet. Lunch and dinner consist of several courses. Guests dine separately from the crew.

At sundown, complimentary finger food is provided free of charge. Your personal bar tab can be settled at the end of the trip.


The Cabins

On board you will stay in one of the 14 guest cabins. All have a porthole, two or three single beds and a bathroom with toilet, sink and shower, and all are equipped with air conditioning. A small wardrobe is available and we advise you to pack your luggage in a travel bag as there is insufficient room for a suitcase. Upon embarkation, you will find your bed made and fresh towels available. Your cabin will be cleaned daily.

All of our cabins are equipped with several power outlets. These electrical sockets are of the standard Dutch (European) F-connector type and rated 230v.

Cabin interior

Safety & Medical services on board

During the welcome speech, the first officer will explain the safety procedures on board. Please be aware that once the ship is in motion, things can fall over or slide and doors can slam shut. We advise you to store your belongings securely and keep doors closed.

When booking the trip we request that you fill out a Health Statement and the ship’s doctor may contact you to discuss the particulars. If he strongly suspects that someone has an extremely limited physical condition, which poses a genuine risk, the ship’s doctor may advise the captain to exclude that passenger from the trip. The final decision is made by the captain.

The ship is equipped with a small infirmary. Our ship’s doctor must be fully informed of any medical conditions and/or the use of medication before embarkation so these can be taken into account in any situation that may arise.


Communication on board

The clipper is equipped with modern communication devices but facilities are limited. Mobile phones may remain in service range up to three mile from the coast. Further out at sea, calls can only be made via the ship’s satellite phone at a cost of € 2.50 per minute.

During weekdays, e-mails are sent to and from the ship by the shipping company. The maximum message size is 250 kB (no attachments) and it must mention the name of the recipient in the subject. The cost is € 1.25 per message. E-mail messages for guests on board can be sent to

A VSAT installation has been installed to facilitate WIFI connectivity. Please note that a VSAT connection is not as stable as on shore and there is no guarantee that it will always work.


Presentation & Captain's Blog

Every evening after dinner (weather permitting), the captain looks back on that day’s sailing route and presents the weather forecast and route for the following day. During sea voyages, we would welcome your input in the form of an entertaining and/or informative lecture or presentation, for example. A laptop and screen are at your disposal.

Our skippers write a captain's blog during their trips, so friends and family at home can stay up to speed with our progress. See the news and blog section.



The Clipper Stad Amsterdam has a small shop on board where you can buy clipper merchandise such as polo shirts, jackets and high-quality fleece sweaters. Payment can be made to the Hospitality Manager at the end of the journey.

If you order products from our webshop, we will confirm your purchase and send you an invoice by e-mail.