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Martinique, A perfect setting for a wonderful holiday!

Imagine what it will be like to discover idyllic Caribbean islands on a spectacular sailing vessel such as the Clipper Stad Amsterdam! The sun, the sea, the beach, excursions, excellent food and fantastic sailing are sufficient ingredients for an unforgettable holiday.
Sail with us on this cruise which begins and ends in Martinique!

Sailing in the caribbean

Day 1: Welcome dinner in Fort-de-France
In the harbor of Fort-de-France on Martinique the captain and his crew welcome you on board and a fancy welcoming dinner is served soon after your arrival. Your very first night on board will be spend near Martinique's capital city Fort-de-France.

Day 2: Sailing to Chastenet at St. Lucia
In the morning we set sail for the very first time. Our first destination wil be Chastenet on the island St Lucia, where we're planning to arrive late afternoon or evening.

On this first day you will experience why the Caribbean is such a popular sailors' destination and how relaxing life on the Clipper Stad Amsterdam really is. While the crew keeps the ship on course, delicious snacks and drinks will be served on deck.

Day 3: A day at St. Lucia
The mountainous island St. Lucia has a very pleasant climate, the nature on the island is beautiful and lush and the white sand beaches are stunning. The area around the village of Soufriere in the southwest and the volcanic plugs "The Pitons" is outstanding in beauty.

Within walking distance of the marina at Rodney Bay, built in a vast lagoon, there are various shops and restarants with Creole, French, Asian and Western influences.

An artificial dam connects the nearby small Pigeon Island since 1972 with the island of Saint Lucia. The protected National Park at Pigeon Island has a great archaeological and historical value.

A visit to the small museum or hiking and admiring the beautiful views are just a some of the fun activities that can be done at St. Lucia. Just before lunchtime the clipper will be sailing in about 4 hours from Rodney Bay in the north to the more southern Soufrière.

Day 4: Off to Bequia
We'll leave early in the morning for our next destination Bequia where we arrive late in the afternoon. This beautiful island in the Caribbean is known for the typical brightly colored fishing boats and houses.

Bequia is the largest island in the Grenadines covering an area of ​​18 square kilometers. From a political point of view it belongs to Saint Vincent and the Grenadines with Port Elizabeth as the capital and English is the official language.

Bequia has beautiful sandy beaches, popular diving spots and there is a very special turtle farm where turtles are hatched and cared for and when they are matured enough they are brought to the sea. At Admiralty Bay there are several small bars and beaches to spend a great evening.

Day 5: From Bequia to Union Island
Around lunchtime we're leaving for Union Island. It only takes a few hours to sail to our anchorage.

Union Island is approximately 3 miles long and 1 mile wide. Surrounding islands are Tobago Cays, Mayreau, Palm Island, and Petit Saint Vincent. The highest peak is Mount Taboi: 999 feet above sea level. In the afternoon you may want to go for a swim or walk on the beach.

Day 6: Off to Tobago Cays
Only a few hours sailing will take us to Tobago Cays.The archipelago has no inhabitants and is an excellent spot for diving or snorkeling. Enjoy the crystal clear water, the beautiful corals and the various exotic fish. On a paradise beach you will enjoy a delicious barbecue provided by our chefs.

Day 7 Volcanic Island St. Vincent
During breakfast we leave for the volcanic island St. Vincent where we arrive later in the afternoon. Some of the beaches on this green island consist of black volcanic sand. Hiking in banana plantations and in the rainforest will almost feel prehistoric!

Day 8: Island tour

Today you will be able to explore the island by island tour. A visit to St. Vincent's capital city Kingstown is definitely worth considering and Wallilabou Bay is almost a must! In this bay parts of the movie "The Pirates of The Caribbean" were filmed.

In the evening we will say goodbye to St. Vincent and we will be on our way to Martinique. It will take up all night and the next morning to sail and reach the beautiful bay of Grand Anse. Here we will drop our anchor.

Day 9: Back at Martinique
Today you may want to go swimming or maybe you like to visit the shops and restaurants at the nearby boulevard. With a captains dinner on deck we will celebrate our last evening together.

Day 10: Sweet goodbyes at Fort-de-France
Early in the morning we will start on the very short voyage to the port of Fort-de-France where we will have to say goodbye at 10.00 am