Sail with us to the British Virgin Islands!

This luxury cruise has ended and is just a sample cruise.
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Experience the best that this Caribbean archipelago has to offer

The captain and his crew welcome you on board the Clipper Stad Amsterdam. After the welcoming dinner we will start with sailing to the British Virgin Islands! On this sailing cruise which starts and ends in Saint Martin we like you to experience the very best that this Caribbean archipelago has to offer. Depending on the wind and "swell" conditions on the spot, sailing will be according to the following program:

After approximately 15 hours of fantastic sailing we will drop anchor at Jost Van Dyke. The island of Jost Van Dyke roughly covers eight square kilometers and is the smallest of the British Virgin Islands. It is believed that the island owes her name to the Dutch pirate “Joost van Dyk”. In the evening we will visit Foxy's Bar. This world famous beach bar serves homemade rum.



Norman Island will be our next stop and the passage at Soper's Hole on the way will certainly be a highlight. The narrow passage always is a very exciting experience for a tallship such as Clipper Stad Amsterdam. Norman Island is the most southern island of the British Virgin Islands.

The island has no inhabitants and is privately owned. We like to accompany you to the superb snorkeling spots where you can also enjoy the beautiful beach. Perhaps you like to swim around the ship instead while admiring the very beautiful surroundings.

From Norman Island to Cooper Island will only be a few hours of sailing. The island is one in a string of small islands and is largely privately owned. The beautiful white sandy beach, superb snorkeling possibilities and a cozy beach club make a few hour stay very enjoyable.

After sailing for about six hours we will arrive at Virgin Gorda where we will anchor at the Bitter End Yacht Club. This yacht club is beautifully located. The very clear water, the blue skies and the starry nights make it a perfect setting for a delicious sundowner. The following morning we visit the natural phenomenon of the Baths on Virgin Gorda. This is a volcanic and 70 million years old area, consisting of a maze of mainly underwater caves. Crystal clear water, white sands and huge cliffs with various salty water basins in between to bathe in.

The sailing cruise will not be complete without a visit to Gustavia at St. Barths. The island has a mix of iguanas, cacti that bloom only at night, beautiful beaches, luxury yachts and many special designer boutiques.

It is a favorite holiday destination for many celebrities from around the world. Saint Barths is also called the St.Tropez of the Caribbean.

Virgin Corda
Bitter End Yacht Club
St. Barths

We will then return to the island where this luxury cruise also started: St. Martin. Here you may choose to visit Marigot at the French part of the island which has a small marina and nice shops or you may like to visit the famous Maho Beach instead where the planes are flying over low. Impressive also are the many large cruise ships in Phillipsburg on the Dutch part of the island.

Exploring Grand Case which is located in the north and where the ship is at anchor, also is a great way to spend a few hours. On the last evening of the cruise a wonderful captain's dinner will be prepared for you.

After breakfast it is just a very short distance to Phillipsburg where we have to say goodbye. It must have been an unforgettable experience!