• ‘Take a virtual tour of the Clipper Stad Amsterdam.’

    Virtual tour Clipper Stad Amsterdam
  • ‘ ' I enjoy the waves on the ocean. They remind you how great nature is. And how perfect this great ship complies ' ’

  • ‘ 'If you love the sea , the ships and their history , then you will love Clipper Stad Amsterdam' ’

  • ‘ 'If the ship leaves port , she comes to life. The  waves are getting higher. The adventure begins ' ’

  • ‘ 'I have enormous admiration for them who crossed the oceans centuries ago. We do it now.. that's a fantastic feeling' ’

  • ‘ 'The ship is beautiful and the crew is professional. What a great and enthusiastic young people ' ’

Clipper Ship Stad Amsterdam

On the upper deck, you’ll feel as if you’ve boarded an actual nineteenth-century clipper ship. The beautiful chart house, original rigging, excellently maintained teak woodwork, the hoisting and setting of the sails, all exactly as it would have been in the ...Read more

History of the clipper Stad Amsterdam

A sailing trip on the Stad Amsterdam is an unforgettable experience for every tall ship enthusiast. In the nineteenth century, life aboard a clipper was rough. The slim, fast vessels were built for trading non-perishable goods with a high profit margin, such as ...Read more

Nautical crew

The crew consists of thirty experienced sailors and trainees, from up to ten different countries. For this reason, English is the spoken language on board. The crew is not only capable of expertly sailing the Stad Amsterdam, but they also have a great enthusiasm ...Read more


Longroom The longroom is equipped with a luxury bar and small library. It can seat up to 55 guests during lunch or dinner. The warm woodwork, luscious copper and circular staircase with graceful lattice work all recall the legendary Cutty Sark. Of course, all ...Read more