Luxury Cruise on the Clipper Stad Amsterdam

Enjoying tropical sun, sea and luxury

Luxury cruises are available from November to April. We’ll be sailing around the Canaries and in the Caribbean, where there’s a warm, constant wind. Perfect conditions for gliding through the clear blue seas whilst enjoying a drink and a snack on deck of the tall ship, beneath the tropical sun. Or for filming the dolphins that accompany the clipper on its passage.

On these luxury cruises, we usually spend the day at sea and cast anchor in an idyllic bay. There, you can enjoy swimming or snorkelling in the near-body temperature water, whilst our chef prepares your barbecue on the pearly white beach. The next day, we’ll explore island life. 

Here you will find the itinerary of one of our cruises in the winter of 2013-2014 to show you what a luxury cruise on board of the Stad Amsterdam may be like.

Sail with us to the British Virgin Islands!

This luxury sailing cruise starts and ends in Saint Martin. Sailing will be according to the following program:

Day 1:
The captain and his crew welcome you aboard the Clipper Stad Amsterdam! After the welcoming dinner we will set sail and will be on our way to the British Virgin Islands!

Day 2:
After a fantastic sailing voyage along several British Virgin Islands we will arrive at Jost Van Dyke in the afternoon. Here we will drop anchor. The island of Jost Van Dyke covers roughly eight square kilometers and is the smallest of the British Virgin Islands. The island is supposed to owe her name to the Dutch pirate “Joost van Dyk”. In the evening we will visit Foxy's Bar. This world famous beach bar serves homemade rum.

Day 3:
At 8.00 am, the captain of the Clipper Stad Amsterdam will sail to Sandy Cay, an island uninhabited. We will arrive here after an hour so you will be able to swim all morning and enjoy the crystal clear water and the white sandy beach. After lunch we will leave for Soper's Hole on Tortola. Soper's Hole is a picturesque harbor with brightly colored Caribbean shops and restaurants. In the evening the crew brings you ashore with one of our tenders.

Day 4:
In the morning we set sail for a fantastic trip to Norman Island where we arrive in the afternoon. Norman Island is the most southern island of the British Virgin Islands. The island has no inhabitants and is privately owned. It has beautiful snorkeling spots where we like to accompany you in the afternoon. And you can enjoy the beautiful beach.

Day 5:
After breakfast we head for Marina Cay. We arrive here late afternoon. There are only a few places like Marina Cay. This small island is situated in a sheltered cove with emerald green water, is covered with flowers and is surrounded by a powdery soft sandy beach. You can go ashore here and enjoy a Caribbean cocktail in the evening.
Day 6:
We leave for Virgin Gorda where we will arrive in the afternoon and will anchor off the Bitter End Yacht Club. This yacht club is beautifully located at the clear water and the blue skies and starry nights make it a perfect setting for a delicious sundown.

Day 7:
In the morning we visit the natural phenomenon of the Baths on Virgin Gorda. This is a volcanic and 70 million years old area, consisting of a maze of mainly underwater caves. Crystal clear water, white sands and huge cliffs with various salty water basins in between to bathe in. The Clipper Stad Amsterdam leaves for Saint Barths in the afternoon!

Day 8:
Early in the afternoon we will arrive at Saint Barths. This island contains a mix of iguanas, cacti that bloom only at night, beautiful beaches, luxury yachts and designer boutiques. It is a favorite holiday destination for many celebrities from around the world. Saint Barths is also called the St.Tropez of the Caribbean. You can spend the day swimming, snorkeling or diving. Or you can rent a convertible to drive on scenic roads to the most beautiful viewpoints or to deserted beaches.

Day 9:
After breakfast we sail to Tintamarre. This little uninhabited island is located a few miles below Saint Martin. We will spend our last afternoon on the dazzling white sandy beach. In the evening we will set sail to Saint Martin.

Day 10:
After breakfast we have to say farewell to you. You can look back at an unforgettable experience!