Le Sud

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The Clipper is back in the Mediterranean and already fully engaged in the business programs for the Randstad company. For the crew obviously a busy time. The switch from ocean sailor to day trips with the ship in combination with the various in port programs require some preparation and remodeling. Everything has to run smoothly again of course.
But it also feels a little like coming home because we already know the people of the organization from our visits in other years. Just like the musicians and the men in charge of the entertainment on deck are acquaintances from last year. So getting in the mood was no problem at all for us.
I sailed with the same people in northern France last year. The weather was quite unsettled back then and the musicians who came from the south kept telling us that in the North the weather situation was rather sad at all times. The weather in the South was always nice, always hot and there was never too much wind. Well that was something we noticed on the first day out: the wind decreased somewhat after a full night having wind force seven but there were waves still of three meters high, nice and steep and head on.
Therefore the sailing program came to an end a bit sooner than planned, and we were alongside before the lunch began. The guests were not complaining at all. Some would have skipped lunch otherwise most likely.

Moritz Kuhlenbäumer
Captain Clipper Stad Amsterdam

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