Jost van Dyke

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It has been a while since I have written! That's not how it supposed to be. During the luxury sailing cruises days are very busy, also caused by the fact that in the Caribbean things are done in a lesser pace. This sometimes results in logistical challenges but this also results in the "laid back" Caribbean feeling that nobody wants to miss.

This already is our 4th trip for the Clipper this year. During this cruise we explore the British Virgin Island, together with our guests. The voyage to Jost van Dyke was a relaxed sailing trip with not a lot of wind but a wonderful experience with dolphins around the ship and an exceptionally beautiful starry sky.

One and a half hour prior our arrival at Jost Van Dyke we already had a boat overboard for the first officer to handle the customs formalities. Usually this won’t go very fast. Each passport and form will be examined and checked thoroughly. But by the time we dropped the anchor we were cleared and the guests are allowed to explore the Island. On the beach of Jost Van Dyke it does not matter that clocks run a bit slower here.

Moritz Kuhlenbäumer
Kapitein “Clipper Stad Amsterdam”

(photo: J. Swaaij)
(photo: J. Swaaij)

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