Watch out, a street light!

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After we completed the successful program for the Randstad company in France  with a cocktail party in Dunkirk, the Clipper is heading on to London. It is only 17 hours later when we sail through the lock to the "West India Dock" on the Thames. We are arriving at high tide because otherwise we would have difficulties with the bend in this small lock.
Once tied into the lock, we can have a look into the basin. At previous times it was already quite narrow but this time due to constructions, a temporary sheet pile and a number of work barges makes the turn even more difficult. And this time we have to share the canal where we have to moor together with a hotel ship ...

During maneuvering backwards we heard the crew yell: “... beware of the street light!”. Usually, these kind of warnings will come from the  foredeck and are meant for the bridge but this time they came from behind. The bosun has to be warned and told to watch out about the dangers of hanging so far overboard while handling the fenders.

But the Stad Amsterdam finally managed to get into the right position after going back and forth a few times and by then our reflection could be seen in the windows of the surrounding office buildings.

Moritz Kuhlenbäumer
Kapitein Clipper Stad Amsterdam

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