Danish Christmas

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Three days of beautiful weather in Copenhagen. And ... luckily not too much wind. For day sails where the hospitality is almost more important than the sailing, I prefer a gentle breeze. And in the Sound the waters are quite sheltered, so the chances of seasickness are at a minimum. And if the ship is heeling too much we notice that by the number of broken glasses. In other words, ideal conditions for day trips.
On board the crew is international. Particularly on deck we have sailors who have gained their experience on Danish ships. For them it is a sort of home coming, just as it is for us as we sail to The Netherlands. Proudly the sailors show the Clipper to their friends and family. But they are not only proud of the ship they are also very proud to be Danish. Although the coast behind the horizon is not yet in sight, our sailors are eager to hoist the Danish flag in the fore top. For days plans are made to treat the entire crew for a real Danish feast, so that we can experience how the  Danes enjoy Christmas. Yesterday was the big day and as soon as we were done with our program, we commenced the Christmas dinner. Besides all the preparations in the galley the crew also found the time dig up the Christmas decorations from the forecastle in order to decorate the long room appropriately. Because the ship was safely alongside, I was pleased to handover the captaincy for the night to Nethe, our Danish housekeeper. The last night in Denmark was a memorable one. This afternoon we will depart for Sweden. Who knows, maybe we will already be celebrating New Year’s Eve on the day after tomorrow.

Andi Manser
Captain Clipper Stad Amsterdam


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