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This morning, after eleven and a half day and 1900 miles, there is land within sight! We are on schedule and there is a possibility that the wind will turn to north-east tonight. Therefore we will make a touristic detour and will sail by “Isla de Flores” and “Corvo”. These two islands are the most north-west located islands of the Azores and are about 140 mile away from Faial, our final destination.
And what a great day to see land again! After the magnificent stars in the sky last night, the sky is now bright blue and very clear and therefore the islands are reported at a distance of nearly three miles already by the crewmember on the lookout. In the beginning it takes a lot of effort to see the silhouettes of the mountain peaks but half an hour later the silhouettes and the top of the mountains can easily be seen in the clouds and the lush green and gray colored mountains arise out of  the blue water. As we sail along the north side of "Flores" the sun is shining - as so often the case during this crossing - and everyone is enjoying the astonishing sight. We are so lucky to have this great weather on this trip and let us keep our fingers crossed that this will stay the same during the second part of our ocean crossing.

Moritz Kuhlenbäumer
Captain "Clipper Stad Amsterdam"

Photos Lucas Longacre
Photos Lucas Longacre

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