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Alongside in Miami: one may have the impression that the Clipper Stad Amsterdam has been in Miami all last week but this is not the case. We also stayed in Port Everglades for a few days in the past week, a commercial and much smaller port compared to Fort Lauderdale. In previous years our berth was at a beautiful location but this year’s dependency on the tide and also because of our client’s wish to go sailing, we had no other alternative than Port Everglades. This harbor is a little less romantic but being alongside offered us the independence of the tide and on top of this we were able to witness the discharging of a cargo ship with a  very special load. The ship carried several yachts of various sizes, all being launched one by one and on the way to the marina of Fort Lauderdale next. The most important one took a bit longer. This was a huge motor yacht and both deck cranes were needed to have this ship (or should I say boat) float by means of her own keel. Next to the the cargo ship's hull there was an extra pontoon built in order to avoid too much heeling. I was impressed by the enormous amount of craftsmanship. Speaking of craftsmanship, the motor yacht did not look like it was an easy construction and by the use of our binoculars we could determine that we were dealing with a Feadship (Royal Dutch Shipyards) yacht. A Dutch masterpiece.
The sailing trip with guests was a more romantic event in comparison to the port. Randstad USA asked us to organize a sunset sail for their guests. No problem as long as the gods were favorable to us and they were: without a cloud in the sky and a nice running wind.

Richard Slootweg
Captain Clipper Stad Amsterdam

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