New York - part 2

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The weather is sunny and nice but still cold. This is mainly due to the fierce wind  which increases to a wind force 6 during the day. Actually not that much different from springtime in The Netherlands. The color of the Hudson river even resembles the waters of the “Wadden Sea”. The Manhattan skyline and the American accent remind us that we are in New York though. For 60 years “New Amsterdam” was the name of this city in the early 17th century and the city was one of our most important trading partners on the other side of the Atlantic. The two cities still have a very good relationship. Today “New Amsterdam” feels a bit like home with the coziness of the Mayor of Amsterdam, Mr. van der Laan, and the delegation from Amsterdam on board the Clipper.

Andi Manser
Captain Clipper Stad Amsterdam

New York

April 5, 2014 11.00 LT
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February 19, 2014 10.00 LT
Already for two weeks the largest group of people on board have the Omani nationality and not Dutch