Scheveningen alongside

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Every day this week we are sailing from Scheveningen (The Netherlands). The Randstad company is very much involved in sports and therefore the ship is in Scheveningen for the moment at the “Olympic Games”.  On the beach they built the Olympic Experience, a festival to experience the Olympic Games in Rio at home on big screens. There are more than 30 different types of sports represented. And the goal is not only to watch but actively participate as well. There even is a basin built for optimists where one has the chance to get some first sailing experience.
On board the Clipper we like to give you the same experience. Not so much who will be the fastest, the strongest or the best… Sailing on the clipper is done as a team. Of course occasionally there are competitions between the red, white and blue watch but to learn is far more important. These short day sails of few hours are very instructive, because you have to set sails, turn somewhere halfway, move over to the other side and for mooring all the sails must be stowed away again. It  helps when there is a good system on board. Each string has a place of its own, so it can be found even in the dark. The next day you do it all again and again. At the fourth time it is just  like riding a bike, you will never forget.
Of course there is much more to it on board than ropes and sails. Just like everywhere also is an administrative shared with. A well-organized administration is a plus as well.. Today our 2nd officer went to get some office supplies by bike. The big question is: is he too big for the bike or is the bike too small for Diederik?

Andi Manser
Captain "Stad Amsterdam"

PS: A special thanks to the photographer Jasper van Staveren for the beach photo.

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