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Everything is ready for the beach! As soon as breakfast is finished the guest will be brought to the beach by our tender. On this very last day before it is time to say goodbye to our guests again, enjoying the sun & the sea & the sandy beach will be the most important pastime. Another luxury cruise with nice guests has come to an end. The focus these days is on spoiling our guests. But anyone who owns a ship also knows that the ship itself also needs very much attention. The next few days are used for preparing the ship for the US inspection test. We actually sailed to San Juan for this reason. The time we have without guests on board will be used for maintenance. The woodwork is suffering much in these areas. We are able to win the fight against the salt and the sun but only if we take the brush in our hands regularly. Besides daily maintenance, we will spend much attention to the training of our crew. Seaman's work will be explained in detail in order for the crew to know why we do certain things in a certain way and why we do things on the Clipper this way and not the other way. The next few days will be very useful for a green hand as well as for the captain and we will show our guests the most beautiful spots in this part of the world soon again. On a shiny ship and with a happy crew!

Andi Manser
Captain Clipper Stad Amsterdam

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