Zooming out

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Time, what about it? Five minutes are they actually five minutes? If you are allowed to take a shower for only five minutes it is a very short time but when you are waiting before a closed toilet door five minutes can be very long. We know that a clock just ticks. Not any faster, not any slower. A constant speed determined by us people. It is just tick, tock, tick, tock for a clock... for hours, for centuries. How long an hour lasts and how long a century lasts is defined by us. But why is it that time feels so different? Time flies, time crawls or even stops ticking sometimes. For man time is not constant. To us time is just as changeable as the weather is, or as distance is. Is one kilometer far away or close? And why is an object so small when further away and so big when it gets closer?
I suspect that some sort of standard was implemented because of all of these doubts and all that can be measured was linked to a measurement to avoid misunderstandings. So many people have been creating a standard for everything for centuries but a kilo is more heavy to my children still than it is to me and even today we have no standard to appoint love and affection. Perhaps one needs to zoom out more to see the whole. Or maybe just zoom in to understand the details.

Andi Manser
Captain Clipper Stad Amsterdam


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