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The Formula 1 circus is well underway. So, as in every year, half the city is remodeled for the race. A spectacle which always attracts thousands of people. Monaco is also known as a tax haven. Therefore, they probably have a little more money to spend. If you read the prices on the menu your mouth opens out of amazement and you try to keep your wallet closed. A bottle of Vodka: 220 Euros. But a 3l bottle where you get 4 times the amount is 1290 Euros. Well as a child I got compliments for my computing ability so a question mark immediately arose in my mind. But when I read the similarly sized bottle filled with a sparkling liquid is 8000  Euros, I became aware that a different logic rules here. It is amazing that in the evening so many people stroll along the racetrack as if they were trying to stay balanced walking on a rolling deck with wind force 10.
For the operational part, it is important to remain sober in any case. Especially if one desires to go a higher level. For team building of the technical crew in the Williams team something very special was invented. The team was invited onboard to climb. With 18 strong they followed the instructions before they don their harnesses and climbed the rigging. Never before it was so crowded in the masts of the Clipper. The little boys dream of being a pirate emerged from  many people. Happy faces, and “wow, what a unique experience!” was the result when they finally stood on deck again. Let's hope that the motivation may sustain until after the race. But not only in the rigging people gathered, even on the quayside, it was followed by many interested people. The Clipper remains a stranger in this port, not only through her appearance but also through her onboard activities.
Andi Manser
Captain Clipper Stad Amsterdam

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