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Clipper Stad Amsterdam on the way from Brest to Le Havre already (July 21)

Portugal, July 13, 2016:
It has been already five days since I embarked the ship in Lisbon. I left Hamburg in the rain and arrived only four hours later in Lisbon where the sun is shining abundantly and the temperature hits 31 ° Celsius.
Good to be on board again. Here in Lisbon I am having one day to prepare and two days of corporate events for the Randstad company. On the evening of my first day in Lisbon I enjoyed the European Championship finals on the main square in the city. Even though the Netherlands did not participate, the emotions and the joy when Portugal finally scored was a very special moment.
Yesterday we had to say goodbye to beautiful Lisbon. Once more we sailed under the bridge – sufficiently high but always seeming to be too low  - and are now on our way to Brest. There the Clipper will take part in the “Fêtes de Brest Maritime”, a great sailing festival which is being held every five years. We are looking forward to this visit to meet many other ships and former acquaintances. Unfortunately the wind is not of much help to us; along the Portuguese coast there is a wind coming from the north with a wind force seven. During the summer this is the usual direction of the wind along this coast. The wind turning around the Azores clockwise is making sailing impossible for us. Maintenance is a problem as well and therefore we hope to be able to use our time for training and education and maybe we are able to set some sails when we are near Biscay.

Moritz Kuhlenbäumer
Captain Clipper Stad Amsterdam

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