Back to sea

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As the new captain of the Clipper Stad Amsterdam,  I am pleased to be able to bring the good news: the Clipper is back at Sea!
Due to an unexpected incident near the island Formentera the ship had to wait for a week for clearance to leave the harbor of Ibiza. At monday at noon the ship agent managed to have the ship cleared  and we are now on our way again. I am taking over from my colleague Andi and my second trip as captain of the Clipper is a fact. This time not only as a replacement captain but as one of the captains on the team.
Quickly we finished the final preparations on deck and below deck and at half past one the ship was ready to leave. Leaving the harbor, getting the ship ready for sea and finishing up the maintenance of the rigging which we started in Ibiza already in order to be able to set sail. During the afternoon there was a soft breeze and the expectations came true and we were actually sailing again Monday through the night. What a great feeling to be back at sea!
We are heading for Brest and will due to the delays in Ibiza we had to skip Lisbon and unfortunately we needed to disappoint our clients. When we arrive in France we will be back on schedule again. Now it is time to look ahead and hope to have a wonderful trip!

Moritz Kuhlenbäumer

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