Spaghetti electronics

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The refit of the Clipper isn’t limited to some carpeting and overhauling the rigging, also all old electronic will be replaced with new. This, combined with 13 year of electronic evolution, forces us to add new cables. Some 6 kilometers of old cables will be reused. This amount will be matched with new cables to. All those cables will be placed before the wood paneling goes up. Even though yours truly is quite proficient in fitting a socket in his own home and laying the cables for this, the cabling that is going on right now is beyond my grasp. In awe we watch the electricians cut huge bundles of cable wires and attaching them to complex insides of cabinets or equipment. The knowledge that I’m entrusted with just the sailing of the Stad Amsterdam reassures after seeing all tangle. Obviously trusting these electricians to deliver top notch work. When pushing the light switch would have the result of full speed ahead, my awe would be diminished somewhat.
Richard Slootweg
Captain Clipper Stad Amsterdam


April 16, 2014 21.00 LT
This year is Boston our final port in America. Even though its location is much further south than T

New York - part 2

April 10, 2014 21.00 LT
The weather is sunny and nice but still cold. This is mainly due to the fierce wind  which increases

New York

April 5, 2014 11.00 LT
Pier 59 in New York will be our mooring place for the next 7 days. The pilot boarded this morning at

In the eye of the storm

March 25, 2014 19.00 LT
Yesterday was the last day that shorts were spotted on deck. The temperature already dropped slightl

Bye Caribbean, hello USA

March 21, 2014 15.00 LT
It is wonderful to be on board again. My colleague went on leave right after he successfully complet