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We have made it, the high Azores. Up to a distance of 400 miles of the Azores we had the perfect sailing conditions. But the final stretch we had to except that we would have to continue on motor. We have a schedule to make. And the Clipper (at least ever since I have been on board) has always been on time! One night on the motor and one more day of easy sailing, with gorgeous clear views, surrounded by whales and dolphins and then it’s all over. No wind, completely breathless, but with a long swell out of the north east, which makes us roll nicely for the last 200 miles. For our guests a completely new experiences after more than 2000 miles of sailing at one angle. In total we have sailed 2700 miles, of which 500 on motor. I am pleased at how it went.

The last couple of miles we spend tiding the ship, furling up the sails and getting the Clipper ready for port. This is also to the benefit of the crew: the infamous “Café Sport” in Horta is calling from afar. But first a picture for the “Captain’s Dinner”.

In the evening some members of the crew all on the “Tres Hombres”, a sailing freight vessel without motor. This is a project that tries to create awareness to the fact that cargo can also be transported in a environment friendly and CO2 neutral manner. And off course, there crew comes and visits the Clipper. A meeting of two different sides of sailing with traditional ships. The next morning we send them off to Europe. Tacking against the north eastern wind the “Tres Hombres” leaves port. With her load of organic chocolate from Grenada, rum from the Dominican republic and a small amount of tea and wine from the Azores she will reach the continent at the end of the month.

And I am going to exchange the comfort of two cabins for the pleasure of having only one job and e-mail account. Richard is coming back on board and will shoulder the captain’s duty again.

Moritz Kuhlenbäumer
Captain Clipper Stad Amsterdam

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