Sailing from Honolulu to Tokyo

Pacific Ocean crossing - part 2 

April 9 - May 6, 2024

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The second part of the Pacific Ocean crossing from Honolulu to Tokyo presents a great opportunity for adventurers and sailing enthusiasts to gain a unique experience.


A very special crossing - part 2

In the summer of 2023, the Clipper Stad Amsterdam set off on a two-year world tour. Adventurous travelers and fans of the Clipper can join parts of the world tour for unforgettable sailing adventures.

Join the Clipper in Honolulu, Hawaii, and sail along for the final 4 weeks of the crossing that began in San Francisco and will end in Tokyo. Combine two beautiful destinations and experience life aboard a square-rigged sailing ship on the vast Pacific Ocean. At sea, no day is ever the same, and completing the approximately 3600 miles will undoubtedly be an unforgettable sailing adventure!

Practical information

Join us in Hawaii

In Honolulu, the capital of Hawaii, the captain and his crew welcome you on board the Clipper.

The American state of Hawaii consists of 8 large, inhabited islands. Honolulu is located on the island of Oahu, where you can admire beautiful beaches, volcanic landscapes, and historic landmarks, all in a delightful tropical climate.

The following morning, we hoist the sails to depart from the southeastern coast of the island of Oahu, heading towards our final destination: Tokyo. It will take approximately 4 weeks of sailing to arrive in the metropolis of Tokyo. In Japan's capital, this unique sailing adventure will come to an end, giving you the opportunity to visit the dynamic Japanese capital.


Hawaii is known for its breathtaking natural beauty. How about exploring the island of Oahu by car or open jeep to fully enjoy the exceptionally beautiful landscapes, picturesque beaches, and green mountains of the island?

Or what would you think about a visit to the historic Pearl Harbor and the USS Arizona Memorial to learn more about the history of World War II and the attack on Pearl Harbor. And then there's the beautiful sandy beach of Waikiki Beach of course where you can swim, surf, and relax. The vibrant city of Honolulu also has a lot to offer!

Sailing & adventure

During the sailing voyage on the Pacific Ocean, taking you all the way to Tokyo, you'll learn as much as possible about sailing on a square-rigged ship.

Besides sailing, there are plenty of other activities to engage in! We recommend that you assist the crew, for example, in maintenance, to truly experience life on board a sailing ship.

The meals are enjoyed together with the crew in the longroom at times adjusted to the watches. Every night the captain will give a short briefing on the mileage achieved on a preceding day, the mileage still to go, and any other points of interest. During the presentation, there is also an opportunity to view some of the best photos of the day, taken by you or by our crew. Would you like to give a lecture or presentation that is entertaining and/or informative? In that case, a laptop, projector and screen are at your disposal.

Sailing and watches

The ship’s crew stand watch in three shifts. These shifts are called the Red Watch (from 12- 4 AM and PM), the White Watch (from 4-8 AM and PM) and the Blue Watch (from 8-12 AM and PM).

We welcome you to join one of these watches. This way you can fully experience how things work on a ship like the Stad Amsterdam. Setting or furling the sails, keeping the lookout, setting the course or standing watch: you can participate in all of it.

As a member of the Red Watch, you can enjoy the peacefulness of being at sea at night and the endless starry sky. In the White Watch, you will experience the break of dawn like you never did before, whilst in the Blue Watch, you can enjoy the sailing while maintaining a regular day and night rhythm.

a Pacific Ocean adventure

The Pacific Ocean stretches over a vast expanse. Just imagine what all is happening beneath the water's surface. If you pay close attention, you can catch a glimpse of this impressive underwater world on board with us. During the transition from winter to spring, entire families of whales migrate from one place to another. Whales in the distance and dolphins at the bow... that's sure to provide a beautiful photo memory!

Imagine standing on the lookout surrounded by nothing but the sea. The waves, the sea being rough now and then, maybe some other ships and sometimes even dolphins playfully dancing just ahead of the bow and the experience of feeling so insignificant in the overwhelming nature.

Enjoy the peace and quiet at sea, be completely disconnected from our hectic lives at home, find the time to relax on deck or in the longroom with a book from our well-stocked library, and have interesting conversations with the crew and the other guests.

The dynamic metropolis Tokyo

On Sunday, May 5th, the final destination, Tokyo, will be reached. Many miles have been covered by then! Your next morning will undoubtedly be filled with unforgettable memories when the crew says goodbye.

Tokyo, the capital of Japan, offers a rich blend of modern and traditional culture, with sightseeing attractions such as Tokyo Tower, the Imperial Palaces, temples, and of course, bustling streets and a culinary scene.

When you have some extra time we advise you to visit Tokyo's oldest Buddhist temple. Experience the famous Shibuya Crossing, the world's busiest pedestrian crossing, and explore the vibrant Shibuya district. Taste delicious sushi and seafood dishes at the former Tsukiji Fish Market, or visit the new Toyosu Fish Market.

The city combines modernity with tradition. You can witness advanced technology, beautiful gardens, ancient temples, and lively streets. There is so much to experience in this dynamic metropolis.


Practical information:

Embarkation: Tuesday, April 9, 2024 at 17h00, in Honolulu, Hawaii. 
Debarkation: Monday, May 6, 2024 at 10h00 (am) in Tokyo, Japan.

Price 3 person cabin € 3.395,- p.p.
Price 2 person cabin € 3.995,- p.p.
Price 1 person cabin € 5.992,50

There is a 50% discount for youth up to and including 25 years.

Are you interested in a cabin with a double bed?
The surcharge is € 250,- (depending on availability).

This price includes:
· Breakfast with coffee, tea and juices;
· Morning coffee;
· Lunch buffet with coffee, tea and juices ;
· Afternoon coffee;
· Dinner buffet with coffee, tea and juices;
· Fresh fruit;
· Harbor and port dues.

Additional costs are:
· Flights and transfers;
· Additional drinks & snacks on board;
· Other personal expenses.

The meals are enjoyed along with the crew in the long room at times adjusted to the watches. 

Clipper Stad Amsterdam & COVID-19: Vaccination or testing is no longer required.
All our guests are strongly encouraged, but not required, to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19*. For sailing trips with Clipper Stad Amsterdam, there is no longer a requirement for vaccinations or testing. Depending on the developments, there may still be restrictions in the ports of call. Furthermore, entry requirements can always change for a country. We ask you always to check the current travel conditions per country. 

* Health authorities around the globe still recommend that you obtain and keep your vaccinations/boosters updated. Furthermore please keep in mind that should the COVID situation become worse, we might have to reintroduce stricter requirements again.

Travel Insurance
Taking out travel insurance is mandatory at all times on all our sailing trips. The mandatory travel insurance to be taken out by you must cover medical costs, accidents, and repatriation (article 13.9 of the general terms and conditions). When you take out your travel insurance please make sure that these costs are indeed covered.

All guests are obliged to have a valid* passport with them on board Clipper Stad  Amsterdam. An ID card is not sufficient.

*Always inquire about the rules for the validity period of your passport for the country you are traveling to. In many countries, a passport is required to be valid for several months beyond the date of entry/departure.

Please contact the American and Japanese embassy in your home country for required visas.

ESTA application:
Under the Visa Waiver Program, citizens of certain countries can travel to the United States without a visa. Instead of a visa, you must apply for an ESTA (Electronic System for Travel Authorization).
To apply for a mandatory visa, we refer you to: https://esta.cbp.dhs. gov/esta

Exempted from the visa are the following countries for example: The Netherlands, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Spain, Greece, New Zealand, UK, Poland. More information: visa-exempt passport (maximum stay of 90 days).

Unfavourable weather conditions & maintenance
Please note that due to unfavourable weather conditions (e.g. lack of wind or too much wind) the captain may decide to proceed under engine power and/or arrive at or depart from a harbour either sooner or later. During our adventurous sailing trips, the crew of the Stad Amsterdam is also occupied with the continuous maintenance program of the Clipper—a part of life on board Tall Ships as well. Should you wish to help, this is welcome but certainly not a must.

Flight suggestions:
Be advised that you must at all times be aware of and act by the travel advice and the coronavirus measures that apply when you are travelling to and from the ship. These trips are your responsibility.

Honolulu International Airport is a large airport in the United States. It is an international airport. In total, there are 59 airports around the world that have direct flights to Honolulu, spread around 57 cities in 15 countries. Check what the best flight will be for you.
Tokyo Airport, also known as Narita International Airport (formerly New Tokyo Intern), is the largest airport in Japan. Tokyo Airport has non-stop passenger flights scheduled to 115 destinations in 42 countries. Check what the best flight will be for you.
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