How to prepare

What to bring along?

We advise you to bring your luggage in collapsible bags instead of suitcases because of the limited cabin space. Lifejackets, towels and bed linen are on board and do not have to be brought. Additional to what you would bring along on a regular trip, we recommend you to pack:

  • a sailing jacket
  • sturdy sailing shoes (anti slip)
  • sufficient sun lotion, a hat, sunglasses, etcetera
  • diving goggles and scuba diving license (PADI or other) if available (snorkeling gear is on board)
  • some warm clothing (it is always a little cooler at sea)


  • a valid passport
  • required visas if necessary (please contact the embassy in your home country)
  • a sufficient amount cash money (Euro and/or US dollar)
  • a credit card (Visa/MasterCard)


The Stad Amsterdam is registered as a passengers vessel.  Therefore one always needs a valid passport on board.

Transfers & travel insurance

Because guests of the Clipper Stad Amsterdam come from all over the world and everyone has his or her own preference on when to arrive at the berth location, we offer our voyages without transfers. When booking your flight, we advise you to arrive a day in advance and spend the night in a hotel at the port of departure. Please be informed that in case of unexpected circumstances like a delayed flight, the Clipper Stad Amsterdam will depart on time to prevent delays within the schedule. We also strongly recommend your return flight to be scheduled a sufficient number of hours after the time of debarkation as stated on our website. Acting differently will be at your own risk. 

With the confirmation and the invoice of the Clipper you will be able to take out travel insurance at any insurance company. The Clipper does not provide insurance. The exact berth details will be provided about 10 days before the trip starts.