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Sailing from Ostend to Hamburg

October 4 - 9, 2022

October 2022 was the date of this adventurous sailing trip.
Are you curious about the sailing trips we currently offer? Every year a number of adventure sailing trips are organized by the Clipper Stad Amsterdam. Whether you are an experienced sailor or not, we are more than pleased to invite you to join our crew on one of these adventures. Find more information about our adventurous sailing trips on our website


Welcome on board!

Every year a number of sailing trips are organized by the Clipper Stad Amsterdam. Whether you are an experienced sailor or not, we are more than pleased to invite you to join our crew on one of these adventurous sailing holidays.

This short sailing trip is a wonderful opportunity to experience the Clipper from up close and in full action! In about 4 days, you will sail from Ostend to Hamburg, Germany's most famous and beautiful harbor city.

Embark on the Clipper Stad Amsterdam and experience a unique sailing holiday!
In the afternoon of Tuesday, October 4, the captain and his crew will welcome you aboard in Ostend - a city located halfway along the Belgian coast. The beautiful beach, some nice parks and gardens, good restaurants & shops, the Fort Napoleon and the three-masted former sail training vessel "Mercator" built in 1932 are just some suggestions for spending a few fun hours before embarkation.

Practical Information

Clipper Stad Amsterdam
Clipper Stad Amsterdam

Passing the "wadden" islands

After the first night on board in one of our 14 comfortable cabins and a tasty breakfast in the longroom, it is high time to help the crew on deck preparing for departure. On this first morning on board, the Clipper will leave the port of Ostend to sail on the North Sea and the Elbe river to ultimately arrive in Hamburg.

Enjoy being on deck hoisting the sails or standing on the lookout. You may even want to climb into the highest mast. In the meantime, Dutch and German islands located at some distance from the ship will be passed by. Experience sailing on a tallship as the Clipper Stad Amsterdam with her 2200 m2 of sail, her 31 sails, and her length of 76 meters. 

Clipper Stad Amsterdam
Clipper Stad Amsterdam

An unforgettable experience

Imagine standing on the lookout surrounded by nothing but the sea. The waves, the sea being rough now and then, maybe some other ships and sometimes even dolphins playfully dancing just ahead of the bow will make you feel so insignificant in the overwhelming nature.
Enjoy the peace and quietness around you, be completely disconnected from our hectic lives at home, find the time to relax on the deck or in the longroom with a book from our well-stocked library, and have interesting conversations with the crew and the other guests.

The meals are enjoyed together with the crew in the longroom at times adjusted to the watches. Every night the captain will give a short briefing of the mileage achieved on a preceding day, the mileage still to go, and any other points of interest.

Clipper Stad Amsterdam

Sailing and watches

The ship’s crew stands watch in three shifts. These shifts are called the Red Watch (from 12- 4 AM and PM), the White Watch (from 4-8 AM and PM), and the Blue Watch (from 8-12 AM and PM).

We welcome you to join one of these watches. This way you can fully experience the wonders of a square-rigged tall ship sailing. Setting or furling the sails, keeping the lookout, setting the course, or standing watch: you can participate in all of it. You may enjoy helping out in the galley and/or assisting the crew with onboard maintenance. There are plenty of options!

As a member of the Red Watch, you can enjoy the peacefulness of being at sea and the endless starry sky. In the White Watch, you will experience the break of dawn like you never did before, whilst in the Blue Watch, you can enjoy the sailing while maintaining a regular day and night rhythm.

On the Elbe to Hamburg

The last part of this trip will be on the Elbe river which will take us to Hamburg and to the impressive harbour where we will arrive in the late afternoon on October 8. After a delicious dinner on board, you can explore the (night) life in this bustling port town.

Hamburg is a wonderful city for a short vacation. It is Germany's second-largest city and also features the country's main port. Have a look at the warehouses in "Speicherstadt", the museums, churches and other historical buildings or wander in the many shops Hamburg has to offer. The "Cap San Diego" (the world's largest museum ship that still sails), the "Rickmer Rickmers" and the famous windjammer "Peking" can also be visited in this city. And the impressive concert venue Elbphilharmonie Hamburg - the city's newest landmark - is in the vicinity of the Clipper's berth as well.

After breakfast on Sunday, October 9, your sailing adventure will come to an end. We hope you enjoyed the voyage and look forward to seeing you again on one of our other sailing trips in Europe or the Caribbean.

Clipper Stad Amsterdam Elbe By_Kris Romanski
Clipper Stad Amsterdam in Hamburg
Clipper Stad Amsterdam in Hamburg

Ostend - Hamburg