Adventurous sailing from London to Ostend

June 11 - 13, 2018

Limited availability

Sailing to the European mainland

A number of sailing trips are organized by the Clipper Stad Amsterdam every year. Whether you are an experienced sailor or not, we are more than pleased to invite you to join the crew on one of these adventurous sailing holidays.

On Mondaymorning June 11th this short sailing trip from England to the European mainland will begin near the Tower Bridge in London. This bustling city offers so many fantastic opportunities and will be an excellent startingpoint for this short sailing holiday.

After the Captain's welcoming speech and the mandatory safety exercise we will sail to Ostend, a town situated halfway the Belgium coast. You will not only experience the beauty of England and Belgium seen from the sea but enjoy the magnificence of the full rigged "Clipper Stad Amsterdam" as well.

During the 48 hours on board you will be able to observe the crew's sailing activities and most likely also play an active part yourself in the white, red or blue watch. After the work is done you can relax in one of our comfortable cabins. Diner-, breakfast- and lunch buffets prepared by our chef will be enjoyed in the longroom together with our crew.

An unforgettable experience

Imagine standing on the lookout surrounded by nothing but the sea. The waves, being rough every now and then, maybe some other ships and sometimes even dolphins playfully dancing just ahead of the bow. On the other hand, one could also relax reading a book in the long room. We have a well-stocked library on board.

The meals are enjoyed together with the crew in the longroom at times adjusted to the watches. In the evening the captain will give a short briefing of the mileage achieved on the day before, the mileage still to go and any other points of interest.

Sailing and watches

The ship’s crew stand watch in three shifts. These shifts are called the Red Watch (from 12- 4 AM and PM), the White Watch (from 4-8 AM and PM) and the Blue Watch (from 8-12 AM and PM).

We welcome you to join one of these watches. This way you can fully experience how things work on a ship like the Stad Amsterdam. Setting or furling the sails, keeping lookout, setting the course or standing watch: you can participate in all of it.

As a member of the Red Watch you can enjoy the peacefulness of being at sea and the endless starry sky. In the White Watch you will experience the break of dawn like you never did before, whilst in the Blue Watch you can enjoy the sailing while maintaining a regular day and night rhythm.


On June 13th this  short sailing adventure will end in Ostend, Belgium.

Hopefully you will have time to spend a few extra hours in Ostend after you disembark on Wednesdaymorning. There is a beautiful beach, some great parks, fine dining in one of the many restaurants, the Fort Napoleon and the vessel "Mercator" built in 1932..... just to name a few of the many possibilities.

No doubt you will look back upon a short but wonderful sailing adventure!

London - Ostend

Practical information:

Embarkation: Monday June 11, at 10h00 in London, England
Debarkation: Wednesday June 13 at 10h00 in Ostend, Belgium

Price 3 person cabin: € 348,- p.p.
Price 2 person cabin: € 410,- p.p.
Price 1 person cabin: € 615,-.

Are you interested in a cabin with a double bed?
The surcharge is € 250,- (depending on availability).

This price includes:
· Breakfast with coffee, tea and juices;
· Morning coffee;
· Lunch buffet with coffee, tea and juices ;
· Afternoon coffee;
· Dinner buffet with coffee, tea and juices;
· Fresh fruit;
· Harbor and port dues.

Additional costs are:
· Flights and transfers;
· Additional drinks & snacks on board;
· Other personal expenses.

Please note that due to unfavorable weather conditions (e.g. lack of wind or too much wind) the captain may decide to proceed under engine power and/or arrive at or depart from a harbour either sooner or later. During our adventurous sailing trips the crew of the Stad Amsterdam is also occupied with the continuous maintenance program of the Clipper. A part of life onboard of the Tall Ships as well. Should you wish to help, this is welcome but certainly not a must. 

Flight suggestions:
There are many flight opportunities from major European airports for very attractive prices to London.
From Ostend to Brussels Airport by train takes about 2 hours. The price for a train ticket is approximately € 17,00. The international airport in Brussels (Belgium) offers flights to many destinations worldwide.
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