Frequently asked questions about sailing trips and cruises

What's sea sickness
During the first days at sea, some travellers may experience sea sickness. This is not, in fact, a sickness, but a normal bodily reaction to being in an unfamiliar environment. It is nothing serious and will disappear of its own accord. Although it is not possible to predict whether it will affect any individual, certain precautions can be taken, for example by avoiding fatigue, hunger and cold. We also advise you to eat and drink well, and to go steady with coffee and alcohol. Taking anti-sea sickness medication beforehand can help. (Primatour, for example, can be obtained without a prescription from Dutch chemists/pharmacies.) During trips lasting longer than a few days, there will be a physician on board, who will be able to supply suitable medication. If you have any questions, feel free to approach the manager.

What should I pack?

What should I pack?

It is practical to bring along a flexible holdall for your belongings, as this is easier to store in your cabin than a rigid suitcase. Bedding and linen are provided on board. There is no need to bring formal dress such as suits or evening wear.
Don’t forget to bring along valid travel documents and sufficient cash.
It is not permitted to take alcoholic beverages on board as this can lead to clearing difficulties at certain foreign ports. Beer, wine and other alcoholic beverages may be purchased at the ship’s bar. 
On embarking, your bed will have been made. Cabins are cleaned and towels refreshed daily.

Are guests required to work on board?
The guideline is: you can do whatever you like, there are no obligations. The most important thing is to enjoy your sailing trip on our historic clipper.
For those who’d like to get involved, our proffesional and enthusiastic crew is more than ready to instruct you in hoisting and setting sail, bracing and folding.

Who arranges flights and transfers?

Travel plans are as variable as passengers. Some people arrive a week prior to departure, others stay on at the point of arrival after the trip. That’s why we do not offer exclusive flights and transfer options with our sailing voyages. This affords you complete freedom to schedule your trip to and from our destination, in accordance with your plans.

When clearing at a foreign port, immigrations officials may wish to inspect disembarking passengers’ return flight tickets.
Please contact the embassy in your home country with regards to applying for any required visas.

Are cabins equipped with electrical sockets and what is their voltage?
Yes, each cabin has a number of power outlets. These are of the standard Dutch (European) F-connector type and rated at 230v.

What's the difference between a luxurious cruise and an adventurous one?
The luxury cruise

We organise luxury cruises from November to March in warm sailing regions, such as the Caribbean. Because Stad Amsterdam can dock in small bays, we can take you to many unspoiled, idyllic spots that would otherwise be unreachable. The cruises combine sailing with on-shore outings. You can take a jeep tour, go snorkelling, enjoy a beach barbecue and much more. Three-course dinners are of the highest quality and served or presented as a buffet. Your cabin is cleaned every day. Would you like to treat yourself to an unforgettable holiday aboard Holland’s most beautiful ship? Then our luxury cruise is the choice for you.  
The adventure cruise

Adventure cruises cater to the sailing enthusiast. In spring, we offer adventurous Mediterranean journeys, in the summer we sail through the Gulf of Biscay and North Sea, to reach our home port in IJmuiden, the Netherlands. You can board at different times and locations, and sail non-stop from point of origin to our destination. Regardless of previous experience, you might want to join the crew on guard duty or lend a hand with the sailing. Our crew is highly experienced and happy to let you join in. Participating in in the watch is particularly recommended, and a great way to experience sailing on a historic vessel. However, all activity is optional.
Would you like to just lie back, relax and enjoy a sailing trip on a unique, historic clipper? No problem!
Meals are taken together with the crew in the clipper’s long room. Mealtimes are adjusted to the watch schedule.
If you’ve always dreamt of actively taking to the the seas on a unique, square-rigged three-master, or if you’d simply like to kick back and enjoy an unforgettable experience, the adventure cruise would be the perfect choice.

Can guests be reached on board?
Stad Amsterdam offers a range of modern communications devices, but being at sea does impose certain limitations. Internet availability depends on the position of the sails and the antenna. Phone and email communications are possible through a satellite link. 
A VSAT installation is installed on board which facilitates WIFI connectivity. Depending on the ship's course the VSAT may or may not make a connection with the satellite, and if so it will always be much slower than a land line connection. Therefore there is no guarantee that the VSAT will work satisfactorily. 
On week days, emails are forwarded to and from the vessel through the shipping company office. Messages may be no larger than 250 kB and can’t have attachments and must clearly state the name of the intended recipient. Costs amount to € 1,25 per message. Emails intended for passengers may be sent to:
Your mobile phone should function up to three miles from the coastline. At greater distances, calls can only be placed through a satellite uplink, at a cost of € 2,50 a minute. In case of an emergency, calls may be transferred to the shipping office. Outside office hours an emergency number can be reached, which is listed in your travel documents.
Those back home can follow your journey and life on board through the captain’s log updates on our website and Facebook page (

Can I book a two-person cabin when traveling alone?
Yes, this option is always available. Also, you are free to share a cabin - and split the cost - with any other guest traveling alone.