En route to Portsmouth

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“Goodbye Scheveningen!”, we said yesterday. We are going to sail a little further now, after a week of day sails. Portsmouth is not very far away either, but it is a voyage nevertheless. And of course, after a week of beautiful weather and a nice easterly breeze in Scheveningen we encountered southwesterly winds of 5-6 Bft on departure. Fortunately, that changed. We enjoyed a close hauled course during the entire evening. At midnight, when we reached the traffic lanes, the wind disappeared. Therefore we had to go under engine power for the remainder of the night. Neatly along with all the cargo ships on the same heading, just like on a highway. The next day a gentle southeasterly breeze commenced what saved us another night under engine power.

Working aloft is not actually a part of the captain’s job description, but I like to climb, to untie the sails and to enjoy the quiet and the splendid view. When sitting on the sky sail yard I suddenly realized that it is almost eight years ago that I climbed here for the first time. Probably a bit more southern, as we were en route to Portugal at the time. I joined the ship for an introduction and I fell in love right away. What a beautiful ship, what a lovely time and what a lovely place for reminiscences. 

Andi Manser
Captain "Stad Amsterdam"

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