Update maintenance period part 6

On Tuesday January 22nd the Clipper Stad Amsterdam moved from water to land. Within 2 hours the Clipper was wheeled over the wharf terrain into the main hall. Because of the meticulous preparation this tour de force went off without a glitch. Now that the Clipper is indoors and sheltered the next phase of the maintenance period can begin. On board all pipes and lines for the accommodation are put in. Pipes for water, drainage and air conditioning. Also al cables for telephone and computers are laid out.
The foredeck and parts of the main and aft deck are suited with a new iroko wooden deck and in the engine room the gear unit is getting serviced.
Next to the maintenance on the ship’s hull, the clipper crew is working on the upkeep of the rigging. There are 838 blocks (pulleys) on board of the Clipper. There are 440 blocks in the rigging, the others are spares. Al these 838 blocks are getting restored. They have to sanded down completely and then oiled. At this moment crewmembers Ellen, Rogier and Dan are working on this project. At a brisk pace off a 100 blocks a week they have their work cut out for them.
All the lines off the rigging are being checked and if necessary restored. An important part of the lines to check are splices, where the lines are joined. Crewmember Ninon has already services 306 lines and 250 splices. She started this task on the 2nd of January and now has only 15 lines to go.  
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