About sailing and business

Getting together made easy

The Clipper Stad Amsterdam is many-faceted. Not only does this tall ship have all the speed and grace needed to win sailing races, but she also offers a great spot for company events.
A North Sea day trip on the Stad Amsterdam is an event in its own right, but even when she’s moored, the combination of nostalgia and modern facilities never ceases to impress. On board, you’ll find all the facilities you might need to make a success of any business meeting. We offer all the latest audiovisual equipment and can create programmes which are tailor-made to suit your requirements. For example, we can provide live entertainment during your product presentation, seminar or workshop. Of course, your guests will be offered the opportunity to work alongside our crew, while our master chef prepares the most exquisite dishes.

Doing business aboard the Clipper

Stad Amsterdam is a surprising new location for doing business. In our experience, the atmosphere of a nineteenth-century sailing ship helps bring guests closer together. Minds are opened, creativity ad inspiration blossom... important factors in conducting successful and enjoyable business. For business get-togethers aboard the Clipper Stad Amsterdam, there is a choice of options.